The Backbone of the Indian Economy

There is a reason why India is known as an agricultural country. Most of our ancestors and our past generations were totally dependent on agriculture. Almost everyone was connected to agriculture in some way. Hence, India became a country of agriculture.

Over the years, things changed, development occurred. Yet, agriculture is still deeply rooted in India. This is because the majority of the population still resides in rural areas. Although there has been a trend of people moving to cities like Mumbai and Delhi, there still are many whose primary occupation is agriculture and its allied service.

Agriculture today provides employment to over half of the workforce of the country. Agriculture has always contributed towards the economy of our country, be it now or in the past. Speaking of which, today, agriculture contributes towards more than 16% of the GDP.

India is known to be the largest producer of spices, pulses, rice, wheat, and other grains. According to a report, one-fifth of exports is contributed by spices. If it is put to its worth, it can be said it brings around 6.42 billion dollars to our country.

The reason behind this is the abundant availability of fertile land. All over the country, a variation is seen in the soil type. This has led to the growth of different types of crops and plants. Another major reason behind India being an agricultural country is the climatic condition. Though most of the places in India have a tropical climate there are places where there is extreme hotness or coldness. However, it can be said that the climatic conditions are extremely favorable for diverse crop cultivation.

Nevertheless, be it India or any other country, our livelihood totally depends on the produce that farmers supply to the entire world. There was a time when people wanted to opt every other occupation other than agriculture. However, today, due to advancements in technology, people are opting for farming and agriculture-related occupations.

Science has indeed helped the agriculture industry. There are various techniques that have been useful in the production of crops. Today, many youngsters with highly qualified degrees opt to farm while implementing these techniques.

Over the years, agro-based industries have emerged which are facilitating the growth of the agriculture sector. However, due to various reasons like pollution and the use of chemical ingredients for farming, farmers and the agriculture sector have been facing a slowdown.

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