For smooth functioning of processes, highly reliable industrial Wireless Temperature Monitoring Platform for Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure— providing real-time Logs, Alerts, and Monitoring is basic prerequisite. The pharmaceutical sector, warehousing, hospitals, labs etc have their specific requirements as to monitor temperature, humidity, CO2 etc. And they remain in continuous search of reliable devices. A wireless temperature data logger, also called temperature monitor, is a portable measurement instrument that is capable of autonomously recording temperature over a defined period of time. The digital data can be retrieved, viewed and evaluated after it has been recorded through wifi with any compatible device like computer, mobile tabs etc.

TempGenius builds and tests the complete wireless monitoring system of the clients in the test laba. And the equipment is then configured to client’s network specifications, labeled, and tested in similar conditions before being packaged and shipped as a turnkey configured system. Live customer support is also available for clients to assist through a self-install. Compliance Control Inc. manages highly robust Cloud services on validated servers. Utilizing the SSD drives and high performance server hardware, the services of TempGenius are highly reliable and faster than what most organizations can reasonably expect to provide with a local server. They also take care of all data backups, data management, and serve data securely on the internet for offsite access to reports and configuration.

TempGenius can be installed in many environments including Hospital, Laboratory, Industrial, and Manufacturing environments. TempGenius is installed by factory installers and authorized resellers who also provide onsite training and ongoing services. TempGenius site installation is a coordinated effort, designed to reduce site time and disruption. TempGenius can be installed in most environments without taking equipment out of production mode including highly sensitive ultra cold freezers and incubators. TempGenius reduces costs with automatic wireless temperature monitoring while eliminating errors, reducing storage losses, preserving quality, and improving energy efficiency. This is achieved with advanced wireless monitoring technology utilizing WiFi, cellular and proprietary wireless monitoring technologies, and seamlessly integrated wired monitoring options.

TempGenius instruments monitor Room Humidity, Incubators, Electronics Manufacturing Areas, Warehouse Humidity, Storage Humidity, and many more. The standard medical grade wireless Warehouse Humidity Monitor sensors are accurate to +/- 2%RH. This device incorporates ambient temperature monitoring, that can accomplish two goals with one wireless temperature and humidity monitoring sensor. TempGenius has optional humidity sensors for faster response time as required in shock cambers and other hardware in rapidly changing humidity environments.

TempGenius satisfies applicable HACCP, ISO, GMP, FDA, Joint Commission, and FCC documentation and/or approval requirements. Regular logging is automated and every alert and corrective action is identified by date, time, equipment, location, and user name for accountability and validation. In addition, ISO, NIST, and other standards calibration options are also available. Moreover, the program for wireless temperature and humidity monitoring systems can be installed on any PC and theres is no requirement of separate special computer. It also allows multiple users on the network to access the program from respective computers as well. Secure remote access is also available for enterprise-level users with multiple locations as per requirement of clients. For more details, please visit at TempGenius.

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