Who doesn’t like candies? Chocolate candies are the most popular around the world. A happy Easter gift basket is incomplete without candies. Fill your basket with assorted candies when buying Easter gifts. It brings happiness without parallel to those celebrating Easter.
Wondering which Easter candies to add to your Easter gifts basket? Here are some unique Easter candies you should go for:

Franky Chocolate Easter bunny

This is a gluten-free candy. So, vegans won’t be left out of the Easter celebrations when others are enjoying candies. Franky chocolate Easter bunny tastes excellent. Everybody will fall for its creamy flavor. Add it to your Easter gifts basket and see how people will lick their fingers at the Easter party.

Hatchimals Easter Egg Hunt Eggs

Take your Easter egg hunt to another level with Hatchimals. Let kids enjoy searching for the fantastic eggs rich in color. Hatchimals surpasses ordinary chocolate. It contains delicious jelly beans. Besides, kids will love playing with the included stickers.

Wonka Egg Hunt with a Golden Egg

Liven up the Easter egg hunt with Wonka. The eggs contain toothsome candies with Laffy Taffy and Nerds. Want to keep the kids hunting for the golden egg as the Easter party continues? Include Wonka egg hunt with a golden egg in your happy Easter gifts basket.

The Lindt Gold Bunny

The Lindt gold bunny is one of the most popular Easter candies. It has 1-7 ounce Lindt milk chocolate and is a perfect choice to add to your Easter gifts basket. Lindt has a smooth gourmet taste. Some people consider Lindt classical but an awesome Easter gift basket filler.

Easter Egg-Shaped Swirl Pops

The Easter egg-shaped swirl pops are fruit-flavored. They are colorful, and each piece is wrapped, making them perfect for gift giving. They come in lemon, grape, strawberry, and blueberry flavors. Add different flavors to your gift basket to spoil kids for choice. They will love and appreciate it.

Easter Stretchable Candy Bracelets

Don’t just pile your Easter gifts basket with chocolate candies. Add some candy bracelets like the Easter stretchable candy bracelets. The fruit flavors make this iconic candy an excellent addition to any Happy Easter gift basket.

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs are great Easter candies with tasty Cadbury milk chocolate. They have a hard and crunchy sugar shell kids like munching. Let them have a happy Easter by including Cadbury Mini Eggs in your Easter gifts basket.

Starburst Jelly Beans

Have some fruity excitement courtesy of these lovely jelly beans. The available options include orange, cherry, lemon, grape, green apple, and strawberry flavors. Starburst jelly beans bags are packed to the brim. So there is enough to share with those you are going to celebrate Easter.
Bring more excitement to your happy Easter celebrations with an Easter gift basket full of candies.

Final Words

You don’t have to add all options we’ve discussed here. Three candy varieties will make your Easter holiday exciting for everyone with whom you intend to celebrate.

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