Father's sacrifice a lot to ensure their families are comfortable. Thus, sometimes children are left speechless when it comes to sending happy fathers day wishes. However, it would help if you did not crack your head on thinking of the right word to use. You can use the simplest language to express how you feel about your father. The process to melt your old folk's heart is easier than you thought.
It is easy to send the fathers day wishes with a gift. However, some children opt to recite a poem to their beloved dad. Below are the examples of wishes you can send to your dad on his special day.


Dads deserve all the praise. It makes a happy father's day special. Praise him for his sacrifice, hard work, and commitment. Remember to add a special gift for keepsakes.


You can thank your dad for nearly everything. It is the child's right to receive love and care from parents, but remember, not all children get the privilege to grow up with their family. Thus, you schedule grateful for what the old folk do for you and your siblings.

Wishes to a Dad Who is Away

There are some situations that your ds has to work away from home. The wife and children miss the man of the house the months or years they are away. You can send a greetings card expressing how you appreciate their effort, love, and affection. Remember, when dad is not an absentee dad. They are sacrificing for the comfort of the family. A good example is army officers.

Wishes from Older Kids

As you grow older, you appreciate having your dad by your side. It may be uncommon for younger adults and teenagers since they are fighting for their freedom. Now that you are old, you feel you need your dad more. Thus, carefully select words to express how much you need him as you grow older.


Daddies are heroes. Since you were a kid, he has saved and protected you from many dangers and ugly situations. Find a greetings card that describes the hero he is. If you need to make it more personal, you can DIY a hero's wish card. Also, you can ask the manufacturers to personalize one for your dad. You can forward them the words you would wish them to use.


You can choose any topic about your ad and write him a poem on the same. In many cases, children write poems about their hero dads. As you grow older, you shift your heroism focus to more meaningful situations in life. You can always count on your dad for guidance and advice. Make sure he feels so important through the words you send him.

Final Word

Your dad will have a happy fathers day when you send her gifts. However, the gifts have a greater impact when you add fathers day wishes. From the above points, you know how to draft the best words for your dad.

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