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Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all parts of the businesses that results in basic changes to how businesses function and how they deliver value to consumers. Above that, its a cultural shift that requires companies to continually challenge the status quo, experiment more often. In some cases this mean that sometimes walking away from long-standing business processes that companies were initially were built upon in favor of relatively newer practices.

Digital transformation includes a change in leadership, innovative thinking, new business models, incorporating digitization of assets and an increased use of technology to improve the overall experience of one’s organizations’ employees, suppliers, customers, stakeholders, and partners. Digital transformation expands beyond just businesses to society at large. Digital transformation represents the changes in relation to application of digital technology in literally every aspects of human society.
In this digital era of Big Data, IoT, and AI, the market is rapidly expanding as companies across multiple verticals have recognized the need for connectivity and the potential transformation that can be enabled through connectivity. Greater business efficiency and smarter processes are obvious results of Digital Transformation like Automation and AI. End-users demand access to their data, business applications, productivity applications, and collaboration applications in a secured manner. So, there arrives the need of a simpler way in order to address some of the key barriers in adopting digital transformation.

One of the barriers in businesses’ is the ‘inability to experiment quickly’. Business Leaders now needs to ensure that the IT department must be connected with all other aspects of the business. Digital transformation doesn’t mean that just by updating technology and processes; it also includes revenue and shareholders. Many companies are not confident enough to invest in digital transformation because they are not sure whether investment will pay off or not. However, when implemented strategically and calculatively, digital transformation has the potential to improve stock prices and revenue in the future. Investing in digital transformation has the ability to make a large financial impact over time.
Businesses that are unable to keep up with these ever-advancing digital capabilities are getting left behind by their competitors. So, with the intent of recognizing companies who are working round the clock to bring digital transformation for better good, CIO Look has shortlisted, Most Valuable Digital Transformation Companies in 2019

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