Soft flakes fall from the sky

White powder for you and I

It's fresh, it's clean

It gleams in the sun

For your enjoyment

To frolic and have fun

Look around you and you will see

How Mother Earth Supplies all our needs

Food, water, trees, fragrant flowers,

To frolic in hour after hour

Some places have snow glistening in the daylight

And we all have twinkling stars to entertain us at night

Embrace the beauty that surrounds you

Rejoice in our Mother who will astound you

Her ocean waves crashing on rocks

Warm sunlight embracing like a sock

Focus on her beauty

Open your eyes and cradle her enchantment

Like magic it's for your enhancement

Author's Bio: 

Maxine has been on her own spiritual path since age six, when she started to realize she could see and understand the beyond. She has been seeing and communicating with spirits and channeling messages for years.

She learned meditation skills and expanded her psychic awareness during the 1980's. She spent alot of time counseling friends and others, knowing that was her spiritual path.

She found that many people have unanswered questions, unresolved issues, and live in fear of the unknown. Her destiny is to assist and guide these people.

Maxine has a special gift helping people with emotional difficulties. She has found that highly emotional people have a unique path, and once they find it, they are able to live lives full of love and happiness.

Maxine uses her spiritual gift to coach and assist people worldwide.

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