This article presents inspirational mother quotes, quotes that come from the heart of mothers (which include quotes about mothers) that I gathered from moms who attended my parenting classes.
Sometimes touching, sometimes educational, these mother quotes give personal insight into the challenges and triumphs of parenting. As a dad, I can say that these inspirational quotes of mothers are also for fathers.
What follows are samples from several categories of quotes by mothers. Each mother quote comes from my book, 101 Inspirational Mother Quotes (not yet complete at the time of this writing).
These inspirational quotes of mothers can recharge your appreciation of the sacred parent-child connection. These mother quotes may serve as a reminder of the great promise of parenting.
Mother Quotes On Love, Effort And Surprise!
(Mother quotes like this one are particularly for expecting parents.) There's no way to really prepare for motherhood. The ultimate effort in trying to meet your kids' needs, night after night without a full-night's sleep, the absolute joy of playing with your baby, the feeling of being in love so powerful that it aches your heart... It's all surprising.
Mother-Daughter Quotes
I now know what it was like for my mother. My daughter presses my buttons the way that I pressed hers. But I look at this situation as a call for me to outgrow my emotional buttons. My mother just complained about me being difficult and that hurt my self-esteem.
Loving Mother Quotes
My greatest joy in life is my love for my child. His happiness is my happiness. His pain, my pain. I never want to do one cruel thing to him. I definitely do not regard my anger as justification for hurting his feelings.
Inspired Mother Quotes
"Inspirational" is the word I would use to describe my motherhood experience. When I look at my toddler's wonder at such small things as a rolling ball or a bird flying nearby, it reminds me to reconnect with the pure inspiration available to me all the time.
Calming Mother Quotes
When I become frustrated with my child I try to remind myself that I am frustrated because of what I am doing, not what my child is doing. My approach is obviously not working. This helps me to stop fighting and instead to try a calmer way.
Not-My-Mother Quotes
My mother was a screamer. When I catch myself screaming at my child, I remind myself of her. I remember how much I hated it when she yelled. I don't want my child to feel that way. So when I feel tempted to yell my head off, I say to myself: "I am not my mother." This helps.
Father-Mother Quotes
I adore my father. Every memory of him is imbued with an aura of kindness. When my husband bullies our children – that's how it seems to me – I think it hurts more because I know how special the father-child relationship can be. I know his father was far from the perfect model. What I've learned, though, is that showing him how much better kindness works when handling the children is helping him to change.
Model-Mother Quotes
My mother is my hero. She wasn't perfect, but she taught me to always strive for perfection, without beating myself up for my mistakes. I'm trying to pass this on to my kids by modeling: I strive to be a more loving, competent parent everyday, but to forgive myself when I've gotten it wrong.
I hope you found these sample mother quotes inspirational. Due to space limitations, this article leaves many important categories, including Single Mother Quotes, Grandmother Mother Quotes, and Divorced Mother Quotes.

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