Every year, the money market comes up with a large variety of products to offer to the investors. While some of the products showcase exuberant performances, the rest perish well before spending a decent amount of time in the market. Amidst such a huge crowd of options available, it becomes reasonably difficult for the investors to choose the best fit for their portfolio. However, there is a simple solution to this problem, which involves sticking to the renowned schemes in the market. Motilal Oswal Most Focused Multicap 35 Fund is one of those handful schemes in the market that dwell a reputation of being a reward machine and a solid protector for the investors’ funds.

In this article, every attempt has been made to help the reader understand the fundamentals of this fund, together with elaborating the advantages of investing in it. So, sit tight and enjoy reading this financial bulletin which is surely going to give your brain a knowledgeable treat!

The Prelude
Motilal Oswal Most Focused 35 Fund is a top-notch fund of the multi-cap category, and has been operating in the market since April, 2014. In such a short span of its operation, this fund has successfully formed a positive image in the eyes of its customers, by providing them with lucrative returns and also nurturing their funds in good custody.

Speaking of the statistics, the NAV of Motilal Oswal Most Focused Multicap 35 Fund - Regular Plan (Growth) stood at a modest price of Rs. 27.123 per unit, as recorded on 11th April, 2018. Further, as per the data released on 31st March, 2018, it was found that this scheme handles an AUM worth a mammoth amount of Rs. 12,213 crore.

Why You Should Invest in Motilal Oswal Most Focused 35 Fund?
Mutual funds are dissected into various categories, viz-a-viz. large cap, mid cap, small cap, and multicap funds. And every category except multicap funds have certain restrictions and a particular set of order to follow. For instance, large caps follow a strategy of investing only in large cap stocks and can’t take in mid or small cap stocks, even if the valuations of these funds stand attractive. Similarly, mid cap funds are restricted to invest in only mid and small cap funds and can’t include a third party. In such cases, multicap funds are the most rewarding as the investment spans across the different market segments.

Thus, in the long run, you are able to fetch much higher returns and create better wealth, since a collective advantage of investing across different market is extracted through multi-caps. Being counted amongst the top schemes of the multicap category, Motilal Oswal Most Focused 35 Fund (G) will easily fetch this advantage for its investor.

Something More
As you have already understood the primary reason for adding this scheme to your cart, there are certain other points that you should know which will further make you confident about choosing this scheme over its peers.

  • Stability
    Since multicap funds are a conglomeration of different kinds of funds, they are equipped with an added advantage of much more stability than small and mid cap funds. While the small and mid cap stocks boost the returns earning capacity, the large caps enhance the endurance power of the portfolio.
  • Better Growth
    One of the most intriguing features of multicaps is that they are a pool of different stocks, and thus their investment is not restricted to a particular type of stock. As a result, a wider scope of growth is available in the multicap sector which again makes Motilal Oswal Most Focused 35 Fund a viable investment option.
  • Regulated Investment
    The market is an unstable place. While there is no bar on its upward movement, there is also no control over the dive that it could take in the correction periods. This makes the overall task of investment a bit tricky. However, it shall be noted that not all funds respond to these market movements at the same degree. While small and mid caps react more rigorously, large caps get much less affected. And when they are put together in a fund, the overall volatility becomes quite manageable.

After absorbing the above information, it won’t be wrong to spell that Motilal Oswal Most Focused Multicap 35 Fund (Growth) is indeed a rewarding option for investors. With proper strategy and planning, one may achieve his objectives through this fund.

This article is written in order to help the reader understand the various advantages associated with investing in Motilal Oswal MOst Focused 35 Fund.

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