Unfazed by competition, which only drives him to do much better, Rahul Kapoor, the Indian Motivational speaker in the city is someone to look out for in motivational training.

He knows that dull classrooms bite and monotonous lectures are nothing more than tuneless lullabies.
Also, what he is well aware of, is the fact that there are, all of a sudden, too many people in his profession, offering competitive prices to survive the rat race.

There are many who stepped back, but few like Rahul who pulled up his socks and took charge. But these realizations have only inspired him to deliver differently.
And today Rahul Kapoor is the Inspirational Speaker in Bangalore who has boosted the personalities of more than 10,000 people. What strikes one most about Rahul are his high energy levels and it is almost as if he transfers this abundant enthusiasm onto his students, Most of who are years older than him, but thoroughly enjoy the training sessions.
Rahul’s soft skills training workshops are not about lengthy notes or heavy arduous words but are painstakingly planned out.
“My sessions are all about watching international videos and participating in outdoor activities as well as activities with experiential learning,” says Rahul.
While these words may seem initially like an effort to impress, He explains what his training sessions at Infosys, Ingram Micro, ITC Filtrona, Microlabs, etc are all about. “How do you make people realize the importance of team work?’ He asks and opens his photo album.

He points to a picture of a line of executives with balloons in between them, which are supported by the stomach of one person and the back of the other person in front.
The deal put forth to them is that the three teams, each consisting of five people, need to reach a spot without touching the balloon with their hand.

“Those in front do not know what is happening behind, but they must ensure that they take measured steps so that none of the balloons fall. Then you see the fun as the spectacles fall and the ties tear, you hear them scream things like “Hello go slow” or “Yeah, it’s ok” and at the same time, get all excited. But at the end of it, they realize that each step of each person is equally important,” explains Rahul.
These games keep changing for each company but the message sent out is the same.
Apart from soft skills training sessions, Rahul’s Bangalore-based company of six years, Kapoor’s workshop on Effective Communication, offers adventure programs in jungles that focuses towards enhancing creativity, understanding leadership and team building. With an experience of working with 70 clients across nine cities, Rahul states that he has “a long way to go.”
Apart from being certified consultant and trainer for Thomas Profiling Systems, UK, Rahul has recently tied up with a Malaysian company – First Ray that designs interactive game modules for training and fun edutainment.

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Rahul Kapoor, India's leading motivational speaker, mentor, inspirational author incorporates valuable content for business and personal growth with practical and implementable tools. Rahul is known as a 'live wire' in delivering highly memorable, inspirational programs to individuals, teams and organizations.