Parents, are you being blackmailed? You are if you motivate your kids with money. Every time you want your kids to do their best or you ask for help, they want money. As your kids grow older, they'll want even more money. Giving money isn't the way to build great character.

I know you don't want your kids to be materialistic or only do things if they get paid. Wouldn't it be nice if they did things for love?

Today, I'll share 10 great motivating rewards that bond you and your kids in fun and loving ways. After all, research tells us that teens would rather spend time with parents than anyone else. Find out if your kids feel the same way.

Rewards that Motivate Kids and Don't Cost Money:

1. Offer to write 10 compliments about things you love in your child.

2. Teach your child to cook something he'd like to learn.

3. Plan a party with your child.

4. Take funny photos of each other.

5. Sings songs together as if performing on stage.

6.Go on a hike together.

7.Clean and rearrange your child's room together.

8.Exercise together by playing outdoor games.

9.Offer to style your child's hair just for fun.

10.Manicure and paint your child's nails.

Below are 5 sample behaviors you'll want to promote and 5 simple rules to guide you.

5 Behaviors to Motivate in Kids:

1. Finish Saturday chores cheerfully

2. Do a good job on homework

3. Talk respectfully to parents

4. Use good table manners

5. Play well with siblings

5 Parenting Rules for No-Cost Motivation Rewards:

1. Offer only the rewards you are willing to give.

2. Tell your child to choose the no-cost reward he'd like to receive. (Your child might not want the reward you'd choose. If so, he won't be motivated by it either.)

3. Give the rewards when your child accomplishes the behavior goal. (Waiting a long time to give it discourages kids from trying.)

4. Avoid making the time for receiving the reward too long. (If you say, “You have to get straight A's this year,” your child won't try because the reward is too far away.)

5. Make up new no-cost rewards with your child advice when needed.

Conclusion for Motivating Kids with No-Cost Rewards

Have fun motivating your child in loving ways. Money's OK for allowances if it's used to teach kids how to save and how to spend wisely. But don't pay kids for everything. If you do, you'll feel frustrated and blackmailed. Why not build character instead? Motivate with your time and your love. Before long, your child will feel motivated from within. What could be better than a motivated kid with an inner zest for life?

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