Motivation is another form of energy that we use in our day to day life. It’s the energy that takes us out of bed in the morning, that moves us to get back on our feet when we go through hard times and the energy that push us to thrive in any goal or endeavor we set.

Whether you’re aiming to release 20 Lbs, build your own business or write the next bestseller, along the way you may lose some of the original motivation or enthusiasm that you’ve got at the very beginning of your enterprise.
What happens when this invisible form of energy diminishes?

Depression is a motivation killer, since is able to alter our perception, sometimes even in very dramatic ways. The person suffering of depression usually lacks motivation to even get out of bed in the morning, even when it may have several different sources that would willingly supply it, like family members and/or friends.

You can acknowledge that you’re not totally immune to what happens around you. The important people in your life, your love ones, and the events around them can still affect you in some degree; even though when you have the ability to consciously decide in which degree you are going to allow to be ‘affected’ or how much influence they can exercise over you.

But, from where can you get motivation and inspiration, when there’s nobody really meaningful to you around to cheer you up, celebrate your little successes, and provide you with some encouragement when you feel a little blue or to extend a hand when you fall on your knees?

Albert Einstein once said that you cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created it. This means that you cannot solve this issue thinking ‘In the problem’!

You would need to address the issue from a different perspective to be able to ‘change your mind’ about the way you are feeling and the source you could get your inspiration or motivation from.

Let’s observe this situation from a different viewpoint. Imagine yourself at a rock concert, you love going to music concerts, right?

See yourself standing right in front of the stage, among hundreds of other people of about your same height. Because everybody’s height is about your own, it would be quite difficult to spot your friend that you’ve just lost among the crowd; you’ve got no perspective that can help you to clearly see him/her.

But what would happen if you could raise your perspective (your viewpoint) about six feet higher than the rest of the crowd? You would have a much higher chance to spot your friend!

To find and get the motivation needed to succeed, you would need to change your perception, you’d need to go higher than the rest of the ‘audience’ standing by your side.

-Ok, great! How?

-You would have to get out of your mind and stop putting your attention into what your five limited physical senses try to make you believe. Your true reality is rarely in the appearance of things!

You are the beginning and the end!

-Ok, again; but now in plain English please!

-Stop taking score so soon!

You’ve got your needed motivation within you, has to come FROM you, from the inside out.

If you put your ‘reasons’ to move forward somewhere outside of you (another person, a particular event that you wish to happen to ‘give you’ the motivation to go after certain things or move toward something) you’re risking to get disappointed and discouraged; has happen many times, it will happen again, just don’t allow it to happen to you!

Your intentions and aspirations would be very conditional this way. The Universe will find a way to trick you out somehow as to show you that you’re putting your source of power in the ‘wrong’ place.

Where you are is just that, where you are now, and only that! Keep moving, get up and keep going; just because YOU deserve it!

This is not the end of your journey, but only a part of it. You are much bigger and grander than this ‘apparent reason’ that distracted you and made you lose your motivation and enthusiasm. Keep your desired vision in your forehead, regardless of appearances! Get your ‘A.S.S’ (auto self-esteem) up and keep going!

If you’re going after a worthwhile goal or destination that you’ve never reached for, you will certainly find obstacles along the way that will challenge you deeply to grow and expand way beyond your regular ‘Comfort Zone’. It will feel frightening as many times you are faced with a new pathway opening before your eyes.

This is part of the journey. This is the greatest reward of the entire trip even when you just can’t see it!

There’s much more ahead of you, and you already know this…I’m not saying anything that you intuitively don’t already know; but only reminding you to keep going.
Go ahead, keep going! And no matter what:

Enjoy the journey!

Author's Bio: 

Adrian A. Boniardi has been involved with scuba diving for twenty five years. He is the founder of 'Meditar, Underwater Meditation' and he is currently working on the book on the same subject while at the same time educating people about it. This would be the first time that the underwater world and the practice of meditation are magically combined.
He also enjoys sharing insights and tips in his other main blog: 'Life on Harmony' on any of the topics related with spiritual and personal growth and how to live a more harmonious lifestyle...
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