I've been promising myself I'd write an article for www.selfgrowth.com because this site just pumps me up. The problem is that I am not like most of the experts here. That's OK though, I've just gotta be me. I'm not your typical motivational writer. I don't see the world through rose colored glasses, at least not perpetually so, and I don't insist on putting a positive twist on every single situation that fate sends my way. I am more likely to be motivated by a chip on my shoulder than a sparkle in my eye. I can't always relate to motivational authors because they just make things a little too utopian for my taste. I believe that 95% of the population is turned off by this nonsense because they simply can not relate.

Let me tell you a little something about Dean Garrison. Dean Garrison is a former alcoholic and drug user. I've had a few one night stands in my life. I've done some things that embarass me like some petty thieving and vandalism. I have a past. To this day I feel a little uncomfortable walking into a church because I feel they eyes around me are casting judgement. I can't get over this feeling, at least not 100%. I know it's stupid but there is some residual pain and guilt there and I feel like the spotlight is cast on me when I walk into certain churches. Right or wrong that's just a fact and it's just me.

People feel the same way about certain motivational and self-help approaches. They are utterly turned off because they just simply can not relate. They feel uncomfortable. They can't relate to someone full of eternal optimism because it's too steep of a mountain to climb instantly. Much as there are transitional elements like NA, AA, and recovering addict congregations for churches, there need to be more people that grasp this concept for motivation and positivity.

The bottom line is that some people can't be driven by the need for abundance, or simple positive thinking, or the recognition and belief that wealth is their birthright. Some people come from the place I started which is effectionately known as "rock-bottom." When you reside at rock bottom then motivational gibberish is known simply as B.S.

My theory is this, if you show me a person who is on the brink of suicide I can coach them to be a millionaire. All I have to do is convince them to "flip the switch." It really is that simple.

When I started my first business, back in 1995, I had nothing. I started that business with $157 out of total desperation. I thought often of killing myself. I drank too much. I had almost no pride. I was on government assistance because I couldn't afford to feed a niece I had taken in. I felt so buried in negativity that I had no option but to try to turn all of that negative crap into something positive and try to succeed. It was either that, or I had to kill myself. Those were my only two choices.

I wasn't moving toward glory. I wasn't seeking success. I was seeking an escape from pain. That's the absolute truth. It's not a positive spin, it's just a guy who actually made it to the top telling you how he actually got there. I was driven from my own pain. I wanted the pain to end.

Pain is a powerful emotion and if you can learn to turn that mental anguish into a more positive passion then the sky is the limit. By 2005 my company had done an unthinkable 2.4 million in sales and it all started with a kid who took his last $157 and "flipped the switch."

It is my contention that some people can't flip this switch because they have never had it bad enough. They haven't been kicked enough when they were down, or they simply haven't been down enough in the first place. They are too "fortunate" or too comfortable and in the end that makes them truly "unfortunate" because they lack the fuel that will keep the fire burning.

I am writing this for that person who is right now exactly where I was 16 years ago. I had nothing but pain. I didn't become a millionaire because I was super motivated and cheery and running to victory. I was running as fast as I humanly could from the pain and fears that consumed me.

This is not your typical motivational story. It is real life and it is what I call "Practical Motivation," which is also the name of my blog. But, enough of the self promotion. Sorry, my bad!

I am reaching out to those people who understand what I am talking about. You don't feel good enough. You don't feel worthy. You don't for a minute think about failure because there is no failure greater than the situation you are already in. If you are at rock bottom right now, I can tell you that there is hope. I know how intense those feelings are. It's simple physics really. Take all of that pent up rage, unspoken fears, dire desolation, loneliness, and hopelessness and put those energies into something good. If you can do that you will not fail. It is impossible.

I did it and you can too. To be honest the fear of burning in hell is the only thing that kept me from ending it all. But flipping all of that hate, despair, depression, self-loathing, and humiliation into something good made me realize that behind all of that self disgust was a genuinely good man who was born to be successful. You will find the same thing in your life. You have no choice but to rise up and run like hell. Run from the pain my friend, if that's what it takes. On the other side a brand new life awaits. I am living proof. When you join me, reach out your hand and help someone else get there, because after all--that's what true success is all about.

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