The topic of Motivation is easy to talk about, but fairly difficult to invoke on a regular basis. I remember as a kid my parents trying to motivate me to do my homework - something I hated doing. They were able to do it, however, because their "motivation" technique involved the use of spanking as an alternative, i.e., something I hated even more!

Do you do this to yourself? Probably. In fact, you really only two choices to get motivated: fear or desire. And often its the fear that wins out 95% of the time. Want to lose weight? No problem: conjure up the fear of being the butt of jokes ... or the fear of looking bad in front of others, or losing your health. Want to make money? No problem: have a dozen collection agencies call you at all hours of the day and night. Fear works.

But what if you want to be motivated - and motivate others - WITHOUT all the fear-based nonsense? That's not so simple. You pretty much have to know what ALREADY motivates a person in order to get the desired results - and this takes an understanding of both basic human nature AND the individual needs of the person you are trying to motivate.

In my first book, The Logical Soul(R), I wrote about a new paradigm – or world view – in the way we look at our so-called “subconscious mind,” the home of motivation, and ways we can transform ourselves from survival-based human beings trying to avoid suffering to what psychologist Abraham Maslow called “self-actualized” humans.

Maslow said that the level of needs of an individual govern their outward motivation. For someone who does not yet have all his or her survival needs met, this is where their motivation will remain. This is also why they will act towards the world and others in a manner that reflects this inner need.

With the Logical Soul(R), un-met survival needs-based DECISIONS are found, accessed, and changed. This way, individual human evolution can take place quickly and effortlessly. While this technique fills a very great need, and the results are often immediate, its widespread use may take a while to become established.

The reason? Once established, a societal norm or paradigm will not allow it to spread too quickly, if at all. This paradigm – or world view – when accepted by most members of a population, tend to become entrenched in that same population, and remains entrenched until usurped by another.

For illustration of this phenomenon, let’s look at what happened to Swiss watches . . .

For centuries, the Swiss had a corner on the watch-making industry and market. “Swiss-made” was synonymous with quality watch-making, and no one outside of Switzerland dared to challenge those craftsmen . . . until someone did.

Sometime around the mid-1900s’ a technology called “digital timekeeping” became possible. It was only logical, therefore, that the Swiss should capture and utilize this rising technology because, after all, they were the captains of that industry!

That’s not what happened. The Swiss craftsmen could see no value in digital watches, and expressed disdain for anything that didn’t have little gears and a clock face – their field of expertise.

The problem was that digital watches were here to stay. They kept better time, had fewer working parts, and came at a much lower cost. The Swiss, unaware that a fundamental change had just taken place, ignored the chance to capitalize on this change. Instead, the Japanese captured it and never looked back.

Today, even quality watches are digital, and Swiss watches are more of a novelty than a necessity. The watch industry there never quite recovered from the paradigm shift that invaded their little hamlets.

Like that, the Logical Soul(R) confronts the idea that motivation is based on some externally-operated stimulus. It looks at any given outcome and asks "What is the inner decision that is being made AT THIS MOMENT that stops me from getting or receiving what I want?"

This "inner decision" is elusive, and is often ignored by go-getters, as well as folks unwilling to take 100% responsibility for what happens to them. It’s easy to blame the economy, the boss, the weather, the spouse, and a million other things before looking inside to see that your own Law of Attraction is operating perfectly.

It is also a lot easier to read books and listen to "motivation experts" on positive thinking than to actually dig inside and pull out the very good reasons why you DON'T want to succeed! Looking within requires more effort, and a level of openness that most people are unwilling - or unable - to accept.

But a simple approach using "motivational cybernetics” - or muscle testing - can pave the way to self-knowledge in a manner unheard of in previous generations. It only requires a willingness to look inside, and the proper guide.

The shift is taking place: it is only a matter of time before fear-based motivation (and suffering avoidance) gives way to those seeking only self-actualization and happiness. Just think: instead of trying to "fix" ourselves and others, what would happen if we simply allowed happiness to pour in from all sides? Positive thinking can only take root in a truly positive mind!

This new motivational paradigm will no doubt improve everything in life: health, wealth, business, relationships, society and yes, even politics!

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Dr. Michael Craig is a chiropractor, an author, speaker, coach, and business owner. His books, The Logical Soul, The Money Matrix Method, and The Six Figure Coach are available on Amazon and, accompany other articles and courses at