With everything that’s going on in our daily lives, we regularly need to use some effective and proven motivation tips to get all our work and jobs done.

We all at some time or other find ourselves in a rut where we have little motivation to get things done.

We seem to lose our energy, focus and drive to get anything done, and instead just prefer to bury our heads under the duvet cover or sit in front of the TV taking in hour after hour of mindless trash.

It could be that you’re overwhelmed by a seemingly unmanageable workload, disillusioned by the current desperate and depressing economic climate or you’re just bored with your daily life routines.

If this is sometimes you then the good news is that we can do things to snap us out of this and get us back on track.

Here are some motivation tips to help you out of that rut and rediscover your zest for life:


Constant stress will eventually burn us out. Take regular short breaks and rest our minds from stress and worry.

Resting our overworked minds takes patience and practice to master, but don’t give up.

Meditation is a great way to rest our minds and give us inner peace.

Try and sit comfortably in a quiet place and concentrate on taking slow deep breaths and relaxing all the muscles in your body. Once any thoughts come into your mind, just focus your attention on your slow, deep breathing and your relaxed bodily state.

We all need quiet times in our daily life so doing this once or twice a day is great at emptying your mind and recharging your batteries.


Read, listen or watch something uplifting or inspirational to give you a motivational shot. The constant focus on work and the daily chores can sap us of our energy and leave us pretty flat.
By consciously shifting our thoughts to ones that are more positive and vibrant will quickly re-energize us and help lift our mood.

When I’m feeling a little down and overwhelmed, reading some inspirational quotes from the likes of Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins or Vince Lombardi works wonders in getting me back on track and refocusing my mind on my goals


Focusing on the positive benefits of completing an important or specific task will motivate and inspire you to get it done.

Think of how good it will feel once you fulfill or complete your work.

Flood your mind with feel good feelings of accomplishment, whether it’s excitement, satisfaction, happiness, pride or just pure relief.

Visualizing these feel good states will kick you into action to experiencing them for real.


More often than not, the hardest part is getting started and taking the first steps.

Some projects can often seem so big, overwhelming and off-putting that we often abandon our plans meaning we never move off first base.

To prevent that overwhelming feeling, start by taking small progressive baby steps.

Break a large task down into smaller, bite-sized tasks and complete them one at a time.

This will help turn the most challenging and labor intensive tasks into ones that are far more manageable and achievable.


Tiredness and fatigue are often caused by physical deficiencies rather than mental.

Poor diet, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise will have detrimental effects on our health, body and well-being.

A healthy lifestyle will provide you with the energy and vitality to achieve and accomplish so much more.

Remember a healthy body means a healthy mind


In our modern lives there will always be things that need to be done. Unfortunately, lots of us take on so much, our lives turn into one of anxiety, stress and discontentment.

It’s important to remember that you can’t be expected to do everything yourself. Cut yourself some slack.

Do what you can and either let go of the rest or ask for help from family, friends or colleagues.

Remember that our motivation can sometimes wane. We’re not robots that can be programmed to work continually at our optimum levels.

However when we do need to give ourselves a little push then these motivation tips will get us into the right mindset to move forward and achieve all that we want to achieve.

There are often occasions in our lives when our motivation levels wane. We sometimes get into a rut and lose all our drive and focus. Learn some proven motivation tips so that you can quickly and easily rediscover your energy and zest for life

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Your ability to motivate yourself is crucial if you are to achieve anything in life. Motivation is the force that keeps pushing you towards your goals. Discover some proven self motivation tips that will see you finally succeeding in everything you do.