As you hold your glass of water in hand and peek inside it crystal clear water where dreams are held. Inside that cup of water is the one thing you want most in life.

Walk around with your glass of water hold it tightly in hand so you can test yourself, prove to yourself that nothing inside will spill for dreams are found in glasses of water.

Our Hands

When we face life our hands aren’t very stable; some of us hold our dreams with firm hands rigid and strict when it asks us for gentleness. Others face life with weak hands where courage is a must and fear not needed. As for others their hands tremble because they’re afraid of making a mistake and hold it carefully never taking a risk, they raise their glass but scared in the inside their dreams will spill.

We must do everything in our power to avoid our dreams from spilling to the ground. Carry the glass of water as if that’s the last cup of water that will quench your thirst. Carry it all around you to places where it must be tested.

The journey to success is not easy but as you carry this glass of water you’ll find yourself spilling drops here and there, so take it where it could be filled before it begins to evaporate as you journey through the desert with your dreams and hopes. The best thing you can do is finding the area where fountains are born; there you will refresh your thirst and glass. Fill it all the way to the top for your dreams should never dry and fog away by the sun. Get more water because it will take you places.

The Type of Glass Counts

The type of glass that holds our dreams also counts. If we choose a weak container then our dreams are fragile could be easily shatter as we go through life. The best glass we can buy is free our mind, our mind is our glass and weak glasses break easily. Take the liberty to make what holds your dreams and hopes strong. Change what is in the container if need be, but do not rely on delicate glass.

As you journey more into your life with this cup of water in hand you might come across that the size of the cup and the amount of water is not enough to quench your thirst. Some how you must keep going and not give up.

There are dreams in life that need more than just one pint of water for the seed to grow you might need more than two hands. Carry as much glasses of water you need there is no limit: one, two, or several cups to feed your needs.

Sometimes it’s not the quantity, but the quality of the water that is in it. Be careful how your dreams are held, protect your dreams and goals, refill them. Do not let anyone shatter your glass of water.

As always stay strong and don’t give up.

Author's Bio: 

Clinical therapist in personal development, writer and future entrepreneur.