All people desire to satisfy common inner needs. There are number of factors which influence the working capacity of an employee and a manager must consider that factors. In order to decently conduct any business employees need to be well trained and motivated. Company managers should take care of many things which effect the employee's motivation.

A manager should respect his employees and treat fairly without any bias. If as a manager you don't do that then you can't motivate your employees and don't keep any hope that your employees will respect you. The best advice on employee motivation factors is to start a cycle of self confidence and motivation by developing each individual's strengths. This becomes a can-do situation for everyone. The really great thing about this is it builds positive energy within the company. Positive energy always breeds more positive energy.

Focus on creating satisfied employees, focus on employee motivation, and those motivated, satisfied employees will take care of your customers. Motivate employees through inspiration. Inspiration comes from leadership. This form of employee motivation includes the company's mission, purpose and goals. Some employees are motivated by money. In fact, most are motivated by money; at least for their basic needs. Employee motivation through compensation can come in the form of raises, performance bonuses, commissions, profit sharing, or any number of "extra benefits" like, automobiles, vacations, or other tangible items purchased and used as rewards.

To keep employees motivated all the time is not an easy task. One of the best techniques to build and maintain employee motivation is to make it a practice to have an event or period end staff meeting, followed by a employee, & maybe spouse dinner, staff recognition awards and a closing party. This will build and maintain employee motivation though ongoing sincere recognition and deserving reward. As a manager you should provide good working conditions for your employees. If you want to motivate employees, you must create an environment consistent with motivation. Everyone likes working for a company when the atmosphere is charged with enthusiasm, excitement and inspiration. every employee does not receive inspiration from the same thing. It is the manager's job to find out which things motivate which employees. Gifts, such as cups, mugs, t-shirts, concert tickets, and tickets to sporting events, have always been good ways to motivate employees.

Finding ways to motivate employees can be a challenging prospect for employers, but it is also a necessary component of any successful business. The most effective way to utilize financial incentives as motivators to increase performance is to combine them with positive feedback and public recognition for accomplishments. Employees who participate in their organization's decision-making processes and who feel that they have a voice in the company have a higher job satisfaction. When employees of an organization will be satisfied then ultimately, employees will be highly productive, the entire organization reaps the rewards. Motivational factors really play an important role to increase productivity of employees.

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