One of the great ways to motivate yourself is to be intentional bringing abundance into your world. How abundant do you feel right now? How abundant is your life these days? Where could you use more abundance? This week, I want to challenge you to live in more abundance. For the rest of the week, look for opportunities to choose abundance over lack. Notice the decision points during each day and use them to bring more abundance into your life. Are you willing to do this? Make a game out of it. Pay attention to how it makes you feel. Pay attention to who you touch and how your decisions begin to inspire other decisions. Notice what you learn about yourself and how you might struggle with one decision versus another. In which of the Soul Power 12 Life Areas do you think you will experience the most resistance doing this?

Let’s kick off this abundance challenge right now by creating a list of 5 things you can do in the next hour to choose abundance over lack.






Was that tough? It’s okay if it was. I’ll suggest a few ways that you can say yes to abundance this week

Tip generously. Choose not to ask for change
Speak compliments and be courteous to everyone
Give freely and without expectation
Ask someone if they would like help
Give someone your seat on the train or bus
Put a few coins in a randomly occupied parking meter
Do one of your child’s chores
Pull your neighbor’s garbage cans back up into their driveway
Take a few moments to notice the clouds drifting by and see what shapes you see
Eat a delicious meal
Turn off the TV and listen to someone share a personal story
Wear that outfit that makes you feel good
Tell your partner how much you appreciate them
Take your nephew to the playground for the afternoon
Call a friend instead of sending a facebook post
Read a book about something you always wanted to learn
Do more than expected on that project

What other creative ways can you think to bring abundance into your life this week? What are you noticing about your mood as you begin just listing these ways to be abundant? How do you think it will impact you if you actually do what you think about?

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Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™ is a Speaker and Coach for highly creative problems solvers and entrepreneurs who struggle with procrastination, doubts, fears, over-thinking, good excuses, and stubbornness. Adrienne knows exactly how to confidentially coach Helpers who get overwhelmed being there for everyone else, but are uncomfortable being helped. The Soul Power Coach™ has practical tools for the accomplished, respected, workaholic feeling isolated and frustrated because the people around them are behaving badly, or they just want life to be more fun. Clients come to the Soul Power Coach™ needing more focus, organization, consistency, and courage to move even the most impossible obstacles out of the way and feel more unspeakable joy. Adrienne has several ways to work herself out of a job by showing clients how to access their own Soul Power immediately and more consistently. Take the 30 Second Soul Power Challenge & get $275 of do-it-yourself coaching tools free at