Mouth Cancer is a severe problem. It is defined as the growth of uncontrollable cells, which can damage the surrounding tissues of the mouth. The areas which can affect by mouth cancer are cheeks, lips, mouth surroundings, tongue hard and soft palate, throat, sinuses, etc. This can be cured if it is diagnosed and treated at its early stage. This is also known as oral cancer when it appears inside the mouth.

Symptoms of mouth cancer

Weekend Dentist in Barnet listed out some of the most common symptoms which are essential to know to avoid further problems. Check out:

• Swelling, lumps, bumps, or some eroded areas occurs on the lips, gums, and another area of the mouth.
• The sores which do not heal within two weeks and also start to bleed.
• Excess bleeding from the mouth, which is undefined.
• Development of the different coloured patches on the tongue.
• Numbness at the face, neck, or any other part of the mouth.
• Sudden weight loss.
• Mouth cancer also leads the changes in the voice.
• Difficulty in performing different tongue functions like speaking, tasting, swallowing, etc.
• The problem in the fitting of upper and lower teeth or dentures.

Increasing the risk of oral cancer

According to the Weekend Friern Barnet Dentist and Emergency Dentist in Finchley, some activities can increase the risk of having oral cancer. As per one survey, it is observed that men have a high risk of developing oral cancer as compare to women due to several reasons. Some of the factors which increase the risk are:

Smoking: Smoking is one of the main factors which leads to developing a high risk of cancer. Smokers have a six times higher risk of having cancer as compare to non-smokers.
Tobacco: Chewing tobacco also affects them in increasing the risk of having oral cancer.
Alcohol: Consumption of excess amounts of alcohol is also harmful to oral health.
Genetic: It is seen that people who are having a family history of having oral cancer have to suffer from the same disease in life.
Sun exposure: Excess sun exposure also leads to developing oral cancer. The excess UV radiation of the sun is not suitable for the skin.
Human papillomavirus (HPV): This is a type of sexually transmitted virus that also causes mouth cancer to develop.
Immunity power: People with less immunity power fail to heal the sores and other oral problems quickly. When it remains for the long term, then it may turn into oral dental cancer.

These are some of the reasons which develop oral dental cancer. According to research, only 25% of oral cancer attacks the non-smokers, but they drink occasionally.

When to see the doctor

Dentist of Teeth Whitening in North London advised that if you feel any of the above signs bother you for more than two weeks, than you should visit a doctor to discuss your problems. Any long term infection, allergy for a long time also gives you the sign to make doctor appointments.

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