Mouth ulcers are usually white, yellowish or grayish in color, with red raised edges, they are normally smaller than 1cm in diameter and round or oval in shape. Generally found in the mouth [on the outside of your lips they are referred to as cold sore] they can be preceded by a tingling or burning feeling [1 to 2 days before] in the area they actually appear. They are very painful when trying to eat or drink and heal themselves in one or two weeks. It is advised however to seek over the counter treatment [if not to severe] to prevent further damage or infection and to assist in the healing of these small painful sores.

These are split into three types:

* minor - most common, about 1 - 2mm round and heal pretty quickly
* major - larger, more deeper and take a lot longer to heal
* hepetiform - multiple pin head size sores

Common Causes

* poorly fitting dentures - the base of the denture rubs against your gums causing damage to the surface of your palate or jaw, solve this problem by getting some over the counter denture cushion cream or gum.

* damage to the inside lining - could be caused by eating or drinking foods that are to hot or acidic, solve this by avoiding acidic foods and letting your meal or drink cool down a tad.

* biting the inside cheek - we have all done this while chewing [does not always cause ulcers], try concentrating on your chewing if you do this often.

* brushing the gums and teeth to hard - no explanation needed here, slow down and decrease the pressure when brushing your teeth

* food allergies - note what you have eaten when these ulcers occur and avoid that food or drink as much as possible.

* hard sweets - these can cut or scrape the inside of your mouth, be careful when eating or sucking these boiled sweets.

* stress - always plays a part in the different sores, pains and problems the body presents to us.

* lack of vitamins or minerals - due to a fast life-style and improper diet, get onto a healthy balanced diet as soon as you realize this is what is causing these ulcers

* dry mouth - can be caused by certain medications or some medical condition, glycerin can be used to assist in adding moisture to the mouth [and by drinking a lot more water]

While some people tend to get mouth ulcers more than others [family history of this] the cause of this repeat performance is not known and it is pretty common in children or young adults. Women can get them before their menstruation or during their pregnancy, sometimes these sores can be a symptom of a more serious condition.

Medicinal care of the mouth during this time

Though these ulcers can heal themselves [7 -14 days] it is advisable to get treatment for them to aid in their healing [if used early] and to relieve the pain, protect from infection and prevent further damage.

1) Mouth washes - start using as soon as your feel a tingling sensation, some help numb the pain, helps prevent bacterial infection and can reach the hard to reach places where some ulcers may hide out/

2) Pastes - help form a protective layer over the ulcer, some have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving abilities, if used at the tingling stage may prevent them from developing altogether, apply to a dry mouth and dab don't rub this paste on.

3) Gel - forms a protective layer, can numb the pain and is a lot easier to use with a young child [do not over use gel]

4) Liquid paint - forms a protective layer but needs to be applied often

A pharmacist would be the correct person to chat to when trying to find some medication to assist with your ulcers and the consequent inflammation and pain that go with them.

Danger signs in ulcers

* larger than 1cm round
* lots of small ulcers combining to form one large ulcer
* do not heal within a 2 - 4 week period even with treatment
* tend to bleed often
* occur every so often in a short period of time
* arrive with a rash or sore throat
* are painless
* occur with diarrhea

If any of the above appear with your ulcers it would be a good time to go and see your doctor as a more serious underlying condition may be present.

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