Are you looking to move your strategic partnership for better business growth, longevity, and success? If an NDA and SOWs are an inevitable part of your business relationship, sending them to your prospect at the right time is essential. 

Remember, building good business partnerships not only help you build a robust foundation, but also open new doors by providing essential value to the customers. The beauty of a strong partnership is that you can continue doing your best while your customers get additional perks.

Besides this, you also need to maintain the security of your business and the partnership agreement. An excellent way to drive your business ahead securely is to use top Free eSignature software. It helps you keep NDAs and contracts secure by setting two-factor authentication.

Getting a prospect to sign these documents upfront lowers the chances of getting roadblocks further along in the sales cycle. Moreover, advanced encryption technology guards every business detail in the documents, and audit trail tracks every change made to the signed document.

E-Signature: An Imperative Tool for Digital Business

eSignature solutions are not new and have been legally binding for 20 years. Technological advancements have led to the development of efficient ways of doing business. eSignatures now have become an inevitable part of the digitization trend. 

Electronic signatures help modern businesses remove the need for many paper-based processes and offer other benefits. Remember, they do not wholly eliminate the expenses as you still have to craft the document, pay for the software, and save the files digitally. But the total price of ownership for an electronic file can be reduced in comparison to a paper file.

Today, a plethora of organizations deploy best eSignature solutions to record legal signatures and lock in sales and service contracts. Electronic signature software eliminates inefficiencies and eases task management.

How to Leverage eSignature to Streamline and Secure Business Document Workflow?

In today's digital world, the sales pipeline plays a crucial role in any successful business. It is what keeps your sales team focused and well organized on closing deals. 

Also, few sales personnel get into a lengthy NDA procedure and end up losing deals. Organizations cannot afford to lose productivity to workers spending a long time on forms and the documents that need to be finished to move a project forward.

Like any other sales document, an NDA and SOWs must be well protected. Educating and clearly communicating with your employees about the reasons behind the need for their signature can help your transition with ease. But sometimes an unhappy employee can trigger danger to your company’s confidential details. When this happens after signing an NDA, you are in breach of the contract.

It’s no surprise why organizations across the globe are embracing electronic signature. It helps businesses process sales contracts, seal work orders quickly, collect signatures at the right time, and much more. eSign Genie offers robust workflow automation solutions to help businesses take electronic signatures securely to the next level. 

With this tool, business users can refine and automate workflow without the need for any technical professional. Remember, the productivity in any business gets boosted naturally with seamless and speedy processing.

There are a plethora of ways that the best e-signature solutions make handling of internal documents and records management easier. Below are the noteworthy reasons to adopt such smart technology:


The HR department needs safe and legal binding processes. Signing documents electronically will boost the process of sending and receiving documents. Candidates can read and eSign the essential documents related to the hiring procedure, such as NDA, a labor contract agreement, and more. 

When the HR department has all documents signed in the proper digital format, it will significantly lower the time in processing and archiving these documents. Furthermore, E-signatures centralize contract management. It means the full history of signed documents is available and can be accessed with great ease.

Remember, electronic signatures deploy a cutting-edge authentication system where the company can ask for the document details along with the signature. It speeds up the process of collecting all documents while boosting security.

Investment Bankers

If you are a banker buying company buyers, using the best eSignature software is the perfect solution. This tool helps them securely determine the buyer's interest and intention in real-time via document engagement analytics. It will help them figure out whether the partnership is worth it or not. 

Moreover, electronic forms are accessible through secure Web channels and are portable to any device with fast access to the Internet. Investment bankers can access every detail at a convenient time with minimal risk.


No business can thrive without a healthy sales pipeline and business partnership. E-signature technology allows sales reps to streamline the sales cycle during the final mile and initiate workflow with one click. 

E-signature technology, in blend with a digital document solution, allows your sales team to track every document in any part of the world. They can monitor who has seen the document, who has signed it, and other crucial details.

All of this means reps and sales management can get in-depth insights, which they can use to direct calls, emails, and resources accordingly. One great feature of eSign Genie is effective document status tracking and real-time notifications.


Developing long-lasting business partnerships are a great way for businesses to boost growth fast. For businesses where time is moneyeSignature solutions save huge capital and increase profitability.

They also offer a high level of security in comparison to traditional paper documents. Not just they possess a signature but also traceable details. The multi-layered security design of eSign Genie has made it a reliable technology partner for a few of the top-notch companies. 

Whether you are sending NDAs, SOWs, offer letters, deal executions, or other vital documents, eSign Documents help you seamlessly complete the signing process error-free.

You can send documents, track progress by sending reminders, and archive signed ones quickly. Moreover, the fast turnaround time offers greater versatility and makes transition smooth. Move ahead of the curve and create betterment for your business today.

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