Google social media right now has in its beta stage the next generation of social networking labeled Google+. In order to participate in Google+ one must have a Google account. In addition, because the social network is still in the testing phase, if you want to become a member an invite from a current account holder is necessary.

If you know someone who has a gmail account, chances are they already have a membership. Each member is allowed to invite one hundred and fifty new members to join the Google social network. Typically, getting invited to Google+ is fairly easy. It is as simple as posting the question "Does anybody have a Google+ account?" on your Facebook page, or any other social network you belong too. Posting such a question should get you several responses. Try asking the responding people how they like Google+, and that you are curious to participate. Now that you have established rapport with your new Google+ contact, ask them to please add you to their circle.

The New Social Network

What is Google+? Think of privacy when you use Google social media. It works by the user creating circles. Circles are a way of classifying friends. You can classify your friends on how you interact socially. One can develop a circle for just family members, and another circle for just friends as an example. Now, if you wish to post a comment that is only "family" related, Google gives you the option of which circle(s) can view that specific post. You can create several different circles. Some suggestions besides friends and family are; professional contacts, co-workers, clients, school contacts and the list can go on.

Google+ for business

How is this beneficial for business? Well, it is already proven that social networking is an effective tool that almost every business can benefit from. Entrepreneurs who need to have their specific name for their social network ventures, now only need to establish one social network account. This cuts down on question about having multiple accounts.

How does it work professionally? If a business, or business professional would like to make a public announcement to potential stakeholders, or clients they can blast the announcement throughout the designated circles. If the same business or person would like to post a status which is not business related, or maybe border line unprofessional, that post can be set to only be seen by the circles the poster wishes.

Be sure to sign up for Google+ and begin to experience this creative social platform Google has created. It is easy to navigate through all the new features and you will find it very user friendly. Know that Google business version has not yet been released. It is with eager anticipation we await the release of Google+ business.

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