Our office is often visited by patients suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system: osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthritis, arthrosis. They complain of joint pain, impaired mobility, pain in the neck and waist. Naturally, this causes a person a lot of problems - it's difficult to walk and to do anything in general. And if your joints ache even in a state of rest, for example at night, it seriously interferes with sleep and life in general.

My morning began with a phone call: "Doctor, you put me back on my feet, I am not just walking – I am flying ..." Two days ago I was visited by a young man who for two months was suffering from a severe pain in his waist and hips. A huge arsenal of analgesics provided only brief moments of reduced suffering. Cruel pain significantly limited movements and would not let him sleep at night.
One session of Bioresonance was conducted with the patient, including not only pain relief using natural electromagnetic signals of the body, but the transfer of electronic information of the specially selected homeopathic medicines. The result was not long in coming.

How do I work? At first, I conduct a detailed interview, during which all features of a patient's personality are clarified, especially his psycho-emotional sphere, its constitution and development of a disease.
Then conduct a rapid diagnosis, allowing a short period of time (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes) to identify all the violations that occur in internal organs, even the "hidden" until it became apparent symptoms. Express Diagnostics allows you to choose the correct method of therapy, as well as to conduct monitoring of the effectiveness and results of the method chosen, including homeopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy.

Thus, on the basis of the information I receive I pick up an individualized treatment. This personal approach is the main secret of success in treating the most complex and seemingly incurable diseases.
The treatment successfully enhances the Bio-resonance method; a device separates in its biological filter "healthy" and "sick" electromagnetic vibrations of the body.
Healthy amplified vibrations are sent back to the patient and unhealthy are electronically inverted - mirrored, backed up by appropriate homeopathic and other natural medicines, and also sent to the patient.
Presented in such a way "back" variations "weaken the unhealthy information of the body and can completely extinguish it and make a sick body to function normally.
During the procedure, the device produces special treatment drops and ointments, which give an excellent therapeutic effect.

Live, be happy and enjoy your journey through life!

Hilda Spektor, ND



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POWER+ remedies are developed with care by Hilda Spektor (ND) to offer
a complete solution for holistic health and wellness.

Graduated from Clayton college as Naturopathy Doctor. Major in Homeopathy.
MS in biology and chemistry.