What does movement mean to you? Freedom, feeling alive, what words come to mind for you?

Ask any one that has been restricted by movement while in a cast for a broken limb or anyone that has been confined to bed for even a few days with a bad cold or the flu.

Movement is life, think about it, the absence of movement is stiffness and in it's extreme sense; Rigor mortis and that's death. So, let's talk about how to keep fluid, pain free movement a part of our daily lives and lead happier, healthier, more youthful lives.

Somatics is series of simple exercises called "The Cat Stretch" that can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day. Through the "re-education" of the mind-body connection unnecessary tension can be relived. These simple exercises can effect tension that is a result of a traumatic injury or from a lifetime of poor posture and bad habits.

Many of the ailments such as arthritis and fibromyalgia often assumed to be untreatable could be greatly improved or in many cases overcome. Thomas Hanna wrote the book on Somatics and he said, "As we grow older, our bodies - and our lives - should continue to improve, right up until the very end. I believe that all of us in our hearts feel that is how life really should be lived."

Author's Bio: 

Denise discovered her natural aptitude for massage after completing a Touch for Health workshop over 30 years ago. Realizing her dream in 2001, she became a certified Massage Therapist. Reaching the highest level of proficiency for a massage professional, Denise became a Holistic Health Practitioner in 2006. She studied Cardiovascular Nutrition at the world renowned Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. She is also certified by the Metabolic Typing Education Center in La Jolla, California and is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist.

Denise believes that true healing comes from within and strives to create an individual healing environment tailored to each client’s needs.