It’s good to be adventurous and try new things. It can help open your mind to new experiences. Who better to enjoy those new experiences with you than your spouse? Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states across the country. It may be time to take the plunge and see it yourself. However, you may worry about what your partner will say. Here are some tips on how to approach your spouse about trying marijuana.

Think of the kids

Your partner isn’t going to jump on board if they have to watch the children. If your partner does agree to try it with you, establish a night when the children will be with family members. With the kids out of the house, you can make a night of it. You can smoke or eat edibles together then spend the rest of the night watching funny movies and eating junk food. With the kids gone, you may even be able to play some of their video games. With the kids out of the house, you won’t feel guilty. Plus, you will wake up just as normal as ever.

Talk about the benefits

There’s a reason that more and more states are legalizing marijuana- it has health benefits. Marijuana can help reduce stress, reduce depression, and even help with heart health. Marijuana isn’t like other drugs that deteriorate the body. It can actually be beneficial for your health. If it makes you giggle a little bit at the same time, even better. Talk to a doctor and see what benefits you could have from visiting a cannabis store near you. Your anxiety and sleep may improve.

It may improve your sex life

In some cases, marijuana can heighten sensation. It may even get you and your spouse excited. Every couple’s love life may decrease with time. This could be a way to ignite that spark again! Try it together to see. Don’t have any pressure-inducing expectations, but be aware that getting high together might encourage activity in the bedroom later on.

Do it with friends

If your spouse doesn’t want to do it, don’t force them. Instead, talk to them and come up with an agreement. You can always go out and do it with friends. This way, you will know what you’re missing out on. After time, your spouse might come around. Pressuring them isn’t going to lead to a positive experience, though. Offer to do it together then move on if they say no.
Marijuana is harmless, and it’s fun. Doing it with your spouse can help you connect again in a fun and possibly physical way. The only real danger is running out of chips.

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