So, you’ve left corporate America and struck out on your own. You are skilled, driven and ready to make your mark in the online world. And what could be easier- just hang out a shingle, toss up a website and fly ahead into untold wealth!

Is this you? Or better yet, WAS this you? Because if you have spent any time at all in the virtual realm, you have realized that there is a LOT more to it than that!

Shifting gears into a home based business isn’t easy. It’s fun, exciting, even thrilling- but not easy. Most home based business’s fail- it’s a fact. Many business owners rush into the market with just the kind of attitude I described above only to come face to face with the realities of web site design, internet marketing, social media, accounting……….. all of this before ever getting the chance to do whatever it is they DO in their business. They spend weeks, month’s, even year’s toiling over all the aspects of running the business while spending very little time making money.

Now the tables turn and they begin to wonder why it was SO easy in corporate America. They slept better, had more free time, and certainly had more money. What’s the secret? How are all of these people making money online? How do they find the time?

Well here it is - the BIG SECRET. They outsource! What is that you say- outsource? YES OUTSOURCE!

Let’s think about it. Back when you were ever so wonderful at whatever it was you did in corporate America, did you do it ALL? Or were there others there that helped you?

A staff maybe?

Different departments who took care of some of the many tasks that it takes to make a corporation tick. Of course there were. And you were left to focus on your specialty - which is what you should be doing now - focusing on your specialty!

Now you’re thinking - how can I afford to outsource? The REAL question is “how can you afford not to.” Let’s look at some of those tasks you’ve been spending your time on. Did you spend weeks (or months) putting together your website? How much business could you have drummed up if you had spent that time contacting potential clients and letting a pro design your website. Have you spend countless hours trying to figure out how to increase your rankings? Why not let a pro handle it in a fraction of the time while you make some money.

Getting the picture? If you interview any number of very successful online entrepreneurs you will find that most times they have a team working behind them and they spend their time focused on revenue generating activities. You will also find a great majority will say that they have been where you are, and that they wish they had begun outsourcing earlier.

When you look at the online world, you will find that there are relatively few single success stories- there is just too much to be done, and only so many hours in the day. So look at your business, figure out what it is that really has to be done by you, and get some help with the rest - you will be so glad you did!

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Virtual Assistant Matchmaker, Gráinne Foley launched Live-Hire to match high achieving, time-starved entrepreneurs with the right Virtual Assistants. Her mission is to save them precious time, money, and trouble and pave their path to success with the right virtual assistant for every need.

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