Moving from Teenager to Adult hood Happy & Healthy
Going from having everything almost done for you, to only have concerns for going to school each day, totally engrossed in ourselves to go from this to all of a sudden we are leaving the safe compounds, however imperfect of our school years to that of either work or God forbid adult studies.
Mum and Dad have turned into these people who all of a sudden they expect us to do things, help with the housework, and pay for living at home for which we have resided for the past 18 years or so for FREE. Maybe even help pay toward the bills: What happened?
Even if you are in a not so good place with your home life there may be other concerns that you are going to face.
This transition is difficult for many of you, there are both physiological and psychological changes taking place whilst you move from teenage to adult hood.
One of the most important things you can do to help you through this process is to remain focused on being healthy. By eating the right foods to sustain the many physiological changes plus providing the right nutrients to support your brain function and psychological changes is imperative to becoming a healthy, happy adult.
Psychological and Mental Health Support:
Surround yourself with positive people, read positive books and movies (If some of the areas are unavoidable with the negativity) ensure that you do not involve yourself in negative conversations or activities. Remain focused, determined of how you want your life to be, what you want to do and see.
Find a Healthy, Happy and Constructive role model or models that you can look upon as a good base for your life.
Looking after you with good eating habits:

Let’s look at Junk food this is poor fuel for your body

About nine in 10 teenagers eat junk food every day. This might be fizzy drinks and high-kilojoule snacks like potato chips. However, your body can’t run properly on inferior fuel.

Compared to home-cooked food, junk food (which includes fast food) is almost always: Higher in fat, particularly saturated fat Higher in salt
Higher in sugar
Lower in fibre
Lower in nutrients such as calcium and iron
Served in larger portions, which means more kilojoules
While a mid-life heart attack might seem too far away to be real, it may surprise you to know that you could have health problems already. A poor diet can cause weight gain, high blood pressure, constipation, and fatigue and concentration problems – even when you’re young.
Avoid drugs, diet drinks, alcohol (I say alcohol until you are having it in your life as a positive additive and not to drown your sorrows or being led by others to get drunk), any of your mood altering soft drinks such as mother, red bull etc. and cigarettes: basically anything that is going to be harmful or detrimental to your health.
Eating Healthy can be simple; it can be as easy as having:
2 pieces of wholemeal or wholegrain bread per day
2 pieces of fruit per day
1 – 2 (150gm) serves of yoghurt
1 handful of Roasted almonds
1 – 2 serves of 150 gm protein this could be chicken, fish, lean meat, chick peas, lentils
3 – 4 serve of vegetables and or salad for example: Choose from - 1 piece of corn, 150 gm of sweet potato, pumpkin, peas, broccoli, zucchini, beans, tomatoes, cucumber etc.
1 – 2 litres of water
Breakfast: Piece of fruit such as a banana, apple, pear or strawberries & Yoghurt: a piece of wholemeal or wholegrain toast with poached or scrambled eggs: Porridge with honey and almond milk>>>MMMMM. Or muesli
Mid-morning Snack

A mid-morning snack should include1 dairy or dairy substitute serving, 2 whole grains and 1 fruit. An example snack is string cheese, 8 whole grain crackers and an apple.

Lunch: Small tin of tuna, capsicum, cucumber, mushrooms, rice cakes or wraps. If you are out and about sushi, grilled chicken burger with salad or wrap
Mid-afternoon Snack

A mid-afternoon snack should include 1 whole grain, 1 protein and 1 fruit. An example snack is to make trail mix and mix together ½ cup whole grain cereal and 1/4 cup nuts and dried fruit.

Dinner: Fish, Chicken and Lean red meat with vegetables – two of the most important vegetables you should have are sweet potato and broccoli, but as you know there are many more that make for a great meal. You can include peas, zucchini, celery, tomatoes, squash, beans, mushrooms and more
Empowering You to Optimal Health Julie Doherty N.D
This is not meant to replace any specific medical or dietary needs but to give you a balanced approach into Adult life

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Julie Doherty N.D Biography
Julie Doherty is a Fully Accredited Naturopathic & Massage Practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd.
Having completed Professional Qualifications in Naturopathic Medicine: Herbal Medicine: Homoeopathic, Nutritional Medicine: Holistic Massage Therapy: Body Work: & Natural Beauty Therapy. This has enabled Julie to follow her dream of supporting people to overcome their health issues & heal their body with the use of a combination of Naturopathic, Herbal, and Homoeopathic & Nutritional Medicines & Therapies to become well without causing further harm or complications
Julie is involved in supporting other health care professionals with treatment protocols for people who are on prescription medication, chemo therapy and other related health care procedures
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Over the past 25 years, Julie Doherty has successfully treated & assisted people with various areas of ill health and disease from the common cold, skin ailments through to cancer.
Julie’s approach is to enable each person to have the best “Quality of life possible” whilst making your treatments effective, affordable and manageable incorporating these strategies into each person's everyday living. Respecting each person's culture and individual characteristics
Julie is a sought-after public speaker, lecturer & author providing community talks, facilitated & implementing professional related courses.
Julie is a published blogger and recognized for her expert knowledge as an author with Self Growth supporting & providing assistance with healthy life protocols.
Julie has been recognized by the Stanford Who's Who and the Continental Who's Who for her dedication and recognition of excellence as a Health Care Practitioner, Executive, Entrepreneur and Professional standards of ethics.
What makes the work of Julie Doherty stand out? The successful testimonials of her clients becoming well both-young and old, from a wide range of disease and signs of ill health: It has been commented about her humanness, her humour, her willingness to reveal so much of herself, her belief and commitment to her industry and clients, and the easy-to-understand style of her communicating and her simplistic way of explaining treatments and programs to become well. Her understanding of the interconnectedness when their is a problem with health and it is out of balance that it is never just one thing, so addressing all related causes of the health problem/problems that she addresses with you.
To complement our healthy treatment programs Julie has formulated a Skin, Hair & Body Care Range that is good for you “Just For You”, not only will it have your skin looking great, healthy & vibrant. Your skin needs to be fed good healthy nutrients the same as your body