With a population of nearly five million,Melbourne is Australia's second-largest city. With more than one-quarter of Melbourne's inhabitants born overseas, it is a very multicultural city. Melbourne is a great city to live in and is regarded as the cultural and fashion capital of Australia, and renowned for its foodie scene, and beautiful laneways. The city is welcoming to all types of people and very easy to work and live in.

Many major cities in Australia, including Melbourne, are undergoing a cultural shift whereby more and more people are electing to live within a few kilometers of the CBD. This is resulting in the transformation of docklands and older inner-city areas into brash new residential areas. The center of Melbourne is threaded with cobbled laneways, which have become a mecca for coffee shops, cafés, and unique shopping boutiques.
Since 2010, removalists’ Dumbo Move has been helping locals move in Melbourne and have the following great moving and packing tips:

1.Create a to-do list: Start by creating a master list of all of the things you have to get done before moving day.

2.Declutter: Take the opportunity to get rid of many things you don’t want or need before you start packing. Sell, donate or throw these items away. Don’t take items you no longer use to clutter up the new house. If you don’t have the opportunity to part with them before the moving label the box to sell or donate so you don’t unpack it.

3.Schedule ample packing time: Schedule more time for packing than you think is necessary. No matter how organized you are, packing usually takes longer than you expect. Even packing a small area can take hours when you get into sorting through items, determining what to throw out or keep, and what best to pack where. Start the packing process at least several weeks before moving day.

4.Label boxes clearly: It sounds simple, but many people fail to label their boxes. It is important that you write the items on each box. Also identify boxes that have fragile items such as glass, ornaments, pictures or antique items which require special care. Labelling will also assist with prioritizing boxes that are to be unpacked first, i.e. basic kitchen or bathroom items which will ensure that you can cook, clean and shower etc. without searching through endless boxes at the end of the first ring day after your big move!

5.Include room names on your boxes: To help make your move quicker, clearly outline the room name on each box. This will prevent double handling of boxes as well as reduce time and cost with your removal company and ensure the right boxes end up in the right room at your new property.

6.Use the right size boxes: It sounds obvious, but if you’ve ever known the struggle that is carrying a large cardboard box stuffed full of college textbooks across a parking lot, then you also know this advice cannot be overstated. Fill your small boxes with heavier items and use large boxes for light things like decorative pillows, towels, and linens.

7.Schedule connection and disconnection times: Call your cable, internet, electricity, and gas providers at least a week ahead of your move to figure out when you need to shut everything off. Make sure you leave enough time in your schedule to gather any necessary items — like cords, remotes, or cable boxes — you may need to return.

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