You know it's time to move on when your spouse articulated regret about his mistake. Persistent emotions of hurt over the treachery are still present, making it difficult to move forward. The couple tries to treat every single other as if the affair never occurred. The hurt over the betrayal is still so fresh. Fighting about the indiscretion won't change the fact that it occurred, and the only real option is to move on.

The issue of the day is how to get over flashbacks of husband cheating. There needs to be another distraction, like contemplating how one can get your marriage on the right track again. It's time to start again once the cheating is over. It's high time to value the truth that you've managed to be together right after something this immense.

That you have managed to overcome a feat together means you've the right tools to get your relationship fixed. As long as both partners are on the same page about the indiscretion, this can be done. Your relationship is strong enough to make it. Let this problem be the source of your dedication to make it work.

The time after the indiscretion has passed is a chance for the married couple to remember what they loved about every single other. It can be the time for the married couple to settle their differences so that divorce ceases to become an option. This is the time to opt for therapy and take that much-needed second honeymoon. Now that everything looks back to normal, your marriage should be sturdier. But constant arguing may sour the marriage, especially if one partner doesn’t want to let go of the damage.

Many couples have had a better marriage post-affair. What wouldn't help is fighting over old issues. In fact, fighting constantly causes stress that could kill a marriage for good. On top of the emotions of insecurities, arguing makes things worse.

One subject to broach is why the man has been unfaithful. The cheating may have been caused by feelings of inadequacy. You might say, it is good to address the main causes why the man has been unfaithful. But doing this can be done without raising your voice. If you need a third party to mediate, there are many therapists around willing to provide support.

There are times when all the arguing is connected to the idea of being valued or not being valued. This notion is extremely powerful, and can be the one thing that will save the marriage. People crave to be acknowledged for being themselves. It’s not difficult to show acknowledgment, if the message is relayed plainly and in a romantic way. The tides could turn with enough force in this route.

Belief, of course, is a problem that needs to be mentioned. Love and trust are assumed to come together, but this is probably not true. Trusting means keeping the faith alive. The lack of knowledge on the trust issue may negatively affect your relationship.

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