In previous newsletters, I shared with you two solutions to the two most common business problems that limit your business’ growth and success.

Today, we will look at Problem #3:
Mindset & Action

Business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs and network marketing professionals hire me to grow their business. They feel overwhelmed with too much to do and don’t even know where to start. They feel stuck and because of that, they don’t take action. “It’s impossible to do it all” is on their mind and they ask themselves again and again:

»What should I do?
»Which social media network(s) should I focus on?
»Do I need a website?
»Should I be blogging?
»Should I attend business network meetings?
»Should I use sales funnel?
»And so on…

All of their worrying and wondering what to do next takes up their time and energy, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and finding themselves in business paralysis. The result is: nothing will happen. They feel unable to take more action and might even feel sick thinking about their business.

Imagine they want to call in sick and it’s their own business?

Your Key to Success:
Take charge of your life and business and set your mind to success. You can do this by identifying the key actions you will take this month that are consistent with your growth strategy. Then, on a weekly basis, determine your priorities for the week and from there, break it down into daily bites.

Looking at your strategy consistently, helps you focus your mind on what you want to accomplish leaving no time for unnecessary worries.

I review my annual growth strategy and action plan every month and update my actions in writing. Once a week (I love to do this Sundays), I look at my monthly growth strategy and action plan to identify my weekly priorities. Every night, I review my weekly priorities and write down the tasks I will do tomorrow.

When you stick with your monthly, weekly and daily priorities you consistently move forward. This method and contact me for a Free Breakthrough session .

Author's Bio: 

Ulrike Berzau, Executive Coach & Consultant, works with individuals, teams and organization to achieve exceptional results in life and business. With extensive experience as healthcare executive, she is known for providing highly respected insights and creative solutions to secure continuous advancement and excellence. Ulrike has an unwavering passion for igniting the talent and brilliance in others and her international and multicultural experiences allow her to relate to a diverse audience. Her ambitious, yet well balanced, positive and inspiring mindset is the catalyst of her own success and assures the success of clients, staff and organizations.

Ulrike is the co-author of the International Best-Seller Imagine a Healthy You and an inspirational speaker. She is certified as Thinking into Results Consultant, Passion Test Facilitator, ASAP Engagement Consultant and Achieve Today Coach, and holds a Master’s Degree in Management, a Master’s Degree in Health Science, Physical Therapy, and is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.