Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) is recruiting the most eligible and interested candidates in the Revenue, Finance and School education department. The selection will be conducted for the recruitment of skilled candidates within the state of Madhya Pradesh. The recruitment will be purely based on the preliminary and mains exams. The prelims exam was conducted on 12th January 2020. The scorecard for the exam has been already released on the official website of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission. The scorecard can be downloaded from the website until 20th September 2020. Now the candidates can start preparing for the mains exam to be conducted on July 25, 2021. Check here for the MPPSC Preparation Strategy and explore the toppers strategy for mppsc exam 2021.
Hey readers, are you confused about the best strategy to be adopted to fetch the highest scores? Are you prepared to answer the questions given below?
 How to start the MPPSC exam preparation?
 How prepare MPPSC notes?
 Which are the best books?
 How to tackle MPPSC current affairs questions?
 How to choose the best study materials?
 How to select the best books for MPPSC preparation?
 How to prepare effectively?
 How to select the best MPPSC coaching in Indore?
Don’t worry, we are here to guide your path. This article will help you to know about the best strategy, the tips, and tricks to clear the exam with flying colours.
MPPSC Toppers Preparation Strategy: Basics

Before starting your preparation for the upcoming MPPSC mains exam, the aspirants should understand the pattern and syllabus of the exam. For the upcoming MPPSC mains exam, there is no negative marking system applicable. The candidates can check the results of the prelims from the official website. Only those candidates who have passed the prelims can only attend the mains exam. The aspiring candidates are advised to prepare themselves and plan the strategies to tackle down the exam.
The candidates should be mentally and physically prepared enough with a proper goal in their mind. The candidates should identify the weak sections and strong areas and allot the time accordingly for each subject. The candidates should prepare an active working study plan and follow it without fail. The candidates should make sure that they can satisfy all the eligibility requirements proposed by the authority.
Prepare a Working Timetable
The candidates should prepare a proper timetable. Equal time should be allotted for each subject. The candidates should set a deadline for the preparation of each paper. So that the candidates can complete the syllabus within the limited time limit. This will help the candidates to study more effectively.
Know the Complete MPPSC Syllabus
The syllabus should be thoroughly understood. The candidates should locate the thrust areas in the syllabus. Take notes on the focus points. The focus points should be revised frequently. Before searching for the study materials, the candidates should go through the syllabus and exam pattern at least twice.
Solving the Previous Year Question Paper
The best source to understand the difficulty level of the exam is to refer to the previous year’s question paper. The previous year question paper can only help the candidates to have a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the level of the upcoming main examination. The candidates can locate the repeated questions asked for the examination. These questions will help the candidates to align the individual preparation accordingly. By referring to the question paper the candidates can adopt the best strategy to crack the examination.
By working out the questions of the previous years, the candidates can identify the strong and weak areas in the syllabus. Thus, the candidates can effectively work upon the important areas. The previous year’s question papers are the only way to familiarise oneself with the exam. This can boost the candidates to attend the exam tension free.
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Best Study Plan for MPPSC Exam?
The candidates should be thorough with the syllabus and the topics of importance. Given below are the important subjects along with the best strategies to be adopted to finish the section-wise preparation.
The three important parts of history are
 Ancient history
 Medieval history
 Modern history
To answer the questions from the ancient and medieval history section, the candidates can refer to NCERTs Class 11th and 12th books. For modern history, the candidates can use NCERTs or Spectrum by Rajiv Ahir. While studying the history section, the candidates should keep the following points in mind.
 A single source of information is sufficient.
 Concentrate on the best books
 Identify the most apt study material
 Highlight the important points
 Refer to the important previous year question paper
 Note down the facts and events in chronological order
Some of the important previous year question topics to be noted down are given below
 Inscriptions
 Parmar Dynasty
 Tribhuvan Narayan Temple
 Painters (State-Specific)
 Rigveda
 Ancient Republics
 Legislation in British Indi
 Hindu Widow Remarriage Act
 Authors of Historical Publications
 Important Dynasties and Kingdoms of Ancient India
 Famous Temples in India
 Tribal Paintings in India
 Types of Vedas
 Rig Veda
 16 Mahajan padas
 Legislation in British India

Indian and World Geography
The two-sub topic in the Indian and World Geography is as follows
– Physical and Human.
Candidates are advised to read NCERTS (Class 6th to 12th) and the daily newspaper. Give more importance to the following topics.
 Natural Disasters and affected areas
 India landforms – Himalayas and Karewas
 Ocean Basins, and Plateaus
 Satpura ranges
 Neighbouring Countries of India

Indian Polity
The thrust area is Parliament, State and Central Legislatures, Panchayati Raj, Legislative Bills in the news or debated, Election Commission etc. The candidates are advised to read the Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant. Give priority to the following topics:
 Amendment Acts
 State Human Rights Commission
 National Human Rights Commission
 Article 21
 Committee related to Panchayati Raj Institutions
 CAG and related articles
 Cyber laws
 Protection of Human Rights Act
 Election Commission
 SC/ST Act 1989, etc
 Make in India
 Indian Ministry related to FDI
 Important Amendment Acts in the Indian Constitution
 Panchayati Raj
 National Human Rights Commission
 Fundamental Rights
 Make in India
 Election Commission of India
 Cyber Security
Indian Economy
The candidates should have a piece of thorough knowledge of the Indian economy. The following topics should be given more importance.
 Cashless Economy
 Principles of India’s Foreign Policy
 Electoral Bonds
 Census 2011 Facts
 Participatory Notes
 Banks Board Bureau (BBB)
General Science and Environment
NCERT or MP Board school textbooks can help the candidates to score better marks in the General Science and Environment related questions. Candidates can refer to the following topics to score higher marks.
 Computer VIRUS
 Cybercrime
 Computer terms
 Search Engines & Web Crawler
 Medicines (Opium)
 Enzymes
 Types of Computer Virus
 Cyber Crime
Nutrition & India
 Enzymes
 Diseases & Causing Agent
 Tissue Culture
 Knock-Knee syndrome
 Pollination
 Programming Language
 Buccal Cavity of human beings
MPPSC Current Affairs
The candidates are advised to pay more attention to this section. The candidates are advised to read the newspaper regularly. Note down the important points. Revise the main themes frequently.
Best MPPSC Books
The candidates can refer to the below-mentioned books to score top ranks.
 Rajiv Ahir’s Spectrum for Modern Indian History (Latest Edition)
 Madhya Pradesh Ek Parichaya by McGraw-Hill publication
 Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy (11th Edition)
 Sanjiv Verma’s Indian Economy
 M. Laxmikant’s Indian Polity (4th Edition or 5th Edition)
 State board school textbooks (Class 11th, 12th)
 Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by RS Aggarwal
 New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical – Verbal, non – Verbal & Analytical by Arihant Publication.
 Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma
Download E-Books for MPPSC Preparation
Read E-Books and start preparing short notes. You can read multiple books and refer many articles to get the complete knowledge about the subject. But always make sure you are gathering the accurate, precise, and relevant information. Never overdo the reading process. Make sure you keep track of what you read and memorize it with efficient strategies.
 History of Indian Economy
 Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh 10th edition
 Indian Polity By Laxmikanth (6th Edition)
 Download Indian Economy Tutorial (PDF Version)
 indian geography
 The Future of Indian Economy: Past Reforms and Challenges Ahead
 General Science Guide for Competitive Exams – CSAT/NDA/CDS/Railways/SSC/UPSC/State PSC/Defence
Tips and Trick to Crack MPPSC
 Revise the topics regularly
 Identify the week and strong sections and work accordingly
 Give priority to the focus points
 Make short notes for mppsc
 Learn to manage time
 Practise with mock test and test series
 Practise with more question papers
 Be honest and confident in your preparation.
 The syllabus should be thoroughly studied
 loose sheets can help to make notes
 Update the contents regularly
 Topics should be separately arranged, like History, Geography, Polity, Economy, etc.
 Note down the main topics honestly
 Work upon Madhya Pradesh regional news

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