Preparation for MPPSC is a continuous strategy expanded over time. There is no fixed time frame to say that how much time will it take to strengthen your preparation to crack the exam. Also, no one strategy works for everyone. It is a continuous process of trial and error that students must go through.
Every year lakhs of students register for MPPSC exam to get jobs in MP Civil Services. Not to mention, these students come from different educational backgrounds. Some of these are first-timers, while many dropouts are repetitive, and some appear after an interval.

Effective Preparation Tips for Toppers by Best MPPSC Coaching in Indore
If you have spared a year or two to prepare for the MPPSC exam, and are looking for tips and tricks to prepare better, here are some tips that will help you supplement your exam preparation. Will help:

Stick to your syllabus
Competitive exams like MPPSC often have such a huge syllabus with so many subjects and topics that it becomes difficult to memorize the syllabus. Make sure you always stick to your course. You can stick a printout of the syllabus on a wall near your study or keep it and refer to it every time you start a new topic. Don't waste any time on what is not on your course.

Restrict your study material
Do not study one subject from multiple books. Not only will this make accessing information difficult, but it will also waste your time and energy. Restrict your mppsc notes and mppsc study material to standard books prescribed by subject experts. Refer to credible sources only while browsing the internet for research and avoid spending too much time on irrelevant reading.

Study with a program
Before starting your preparation, make a clear schedule for each topic and subject. This will help you to give yourself deadlines and manage time more effectively. This is especially helpful when you want to finish a part of the course on a certain number of days. Follow your schedule closely to make the most of it.

Make short notes
Always make compact notes of what you study. Compact notes improve visual memorization and make revisions faster and easier at times. Use keywords only when making notes. Use flowcharts, pie charts, graphs, cyclic diagrams, and tables as much as possible.

Take Mock Tests Seriously
While attending your mock test, pretend that this is your final exam. Don't get through it just as a formality. Prepare as if your future depends on this mock test. The more seriously you take mock tests, the more benefits are, the stronger your preparation is.

Common mistakes made by MPPSC aspirants during preparation
When you focus on making your preparation strong, you must critically evaluate your preparation strategy and try to eliminate the mistakes you are making. Here is a list of some common mistakes that most of the people make while preparing for MPPSC exam or any other government exam:

Skipping revision
Many students avoid this very important step in preparation. It is more important to revise as many times as possible than trying to cover the entire syllabus.

Not note
It is always easier to remember information when you do it with your visual memory. Also, writing the information in bullet points while studying helps you to remember them easily during the mains exam. Even when studying from books, always use highlighting, underlining, circling and various signs to make it easier to remember.

Not building healthy habits
Many students do not follow a routine for studies. They just study whenever they feel like it. Some students will pull all-nighters for two days and not study at all for the next four days. It builds your memory and preparation week. Always follow a disciplined routine and try to build healthy habits in your daily life, such as reading newspaper in the morning, sleeping on time, waking up early, paying attention to details, following the news, reading books, avoiding alcohol or nicotine Avoidance, etc.

Negative mindset
It is not a big deal to prepare with a negative mindset. If you say these things too often then you are preparing with a negative mindset:
• "If I don't pass this time, I'll leave this stream."
• "No matter how much I study, my marks will depend on my luck."
• “My preparation is not enough. I won't pass this time. "
• "I'm not as smart as him."
• “I failed this test x times; I'm not intelligent enough. "
Try to counter your negative thoughts with logic. What you think, you attract. So, it would be best if you always keep your thoughts and actions positive while preparing or taking the exam. Rather, say encouraging things to yourself. If someone else is saying negative things often, try to avoid their company as well. (Or you can try to convince them that this is wrong.)

Hard work
The biggest mistake you can make is pushing yourself too hard. Exceeding your physical limits makes you tired and affects your memory. This takes a toll on your overall preparation and creates side effects that you may not have noticed. Even the best MPPSC coaching in Indore while no study comparing the period of study with your students others suggests to consider their physical and mental limits.

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