MPPSC Preparation Tips: MPPSC (Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission), in which you get very good post. People work hard for many years to occupy the big posts in the state, but due to some deficiency they are not selected. If you are preparing for this MPPSC exam then you need some special tips- How to prepare for MPPSC. Keep these things in mind.

MPPSC Preparation Tips – How to Prepare for MPPSC
1. Preparation from the first year
If you are preparing for MPPSC exam then you should start doing it from the first year of graduation. In this, you should read NCERT books from 8th to 12th only. You must understand that the syllabus of small classes comes in it and it comes directly from NCERT. You must complete it at least during graduation. If it your first attempt then you must join mppsc coaching in indore for your preparation which will help you to understand the pattern and what to study and what to leave, which is very necessary.
2. Understand the Syllabus
It is a state exam and your syllabus for appearing in it is different. You must understand that it is different from IAS exam. Its syllabus is fixed and most of the questions are related to MP. You will go through its syllabus deeply and then get into the field.
3. Must Read This
If you are preparing for MPPSC to join SDM, Deputy Collector and other big posts in MP, then you must read “Employment Creation” regularly. This newspaper, which comes every week in MP, comes from the government's side. It has been told about all the issues which are going to come in the exam. It should be studied more and more. Over the years it has been observed that almost no question comes from it and students do not read it.
4. How to Handle Reasoning
Give one hour daily for reasoning. You only must qualify this paper but many people take it lightly. You should bring the reasoning book and solve it and apart from this, you should keep looking for more such questions which can give you good marks in the exam.

5. Keep these things in mind
What schemes have been run by the MP government recently, which schemes are running, how much money has been invested in the schemes, how was the production of wheat and other crops in MP last year, how was its geographical location, MP you politics Things should be studied. Apart from this, keep information about the production of crops district wise, the names of district wise leaders and the status there.
6. in main like this
On the lines of IAS, there are prelims and then mains and interviews. If you have cleared the Pre, write, and answer the Mains questions. Apart from this, when you write the answer in Mains, write it in simple and precise words, which will give you a better score. For this, prepare to write answers for at least four hours every day. Many MPPSC Coaching in Indore are providing coaching for answer writing in MPPSC mains exam.

7. Keep in mind in the interview
If you have cleared mains then you go for interview with some special planning. Even though it is a state exam, but in its interview, you are asked questions related to the country and the world and hence you should prepare for them too. There is no shortcut to crack the rest of the interview and neither are there any tips for it. It only depends on your intellectual ability.
MPPSC exam is different from other state exams. You may find it easy to see, but not as simple.

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