MS-Multiple Sclerosis Treatment with Alternative Medicine:
Medical Intuition & Energy Healing

Montel Williams called it an insidious disease. Richard Pryor passed away with it's complications, and Michael Wellford, when diagnosed, just said "I'm NOT having it!"

Multiple Sclerosis or MS is a slow progressing disorder and then disease that drains it's owners of energy and then life functioning abilities. Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, like a shadow, are always there, even in remission, and ever present in it's ultimate progression.

When you receive notification that you need to be tested for multiple sclerosis symptoms, your mind definitely has something to deal with. There are so many "what ifs" to consider, and an entire new future to contemplate that is mind-boggling. Even the strongest individuals succumb to moments of random horror, selective thought patterns, and then a bone chilling resolve of sorts as to how to handle their diagnosis. When that blood test and MRI scan come back negative for those that are lucky, you are ever grateful for being spared the "positive" test result.

As an Alternative and Integrative Medical Specialist medical intuitive and intuitive distant energy healer I work with Multiple Sclerosis treatment in alternative medicine. Although addressing physical problems is a major concern, first one must address the underlying emotional and mental contributions that direct the body to manifest the disease. If the disorder is not a Karmic journey that the soul has chosen to experience, then I begin with positive mind over matter actions, attitudes and affirmations. In deciding right now, this very minute, to address and make positive free will choices to change your mind's attitude about your multiple sclerosis symptoms immediately starts a healing process.

I have found that in early stage MS mental positive attitude creates a greater immune system response that in turn helps diminish symptoms. It's the old adage of YOUR mind over YOUR matter. Your cells are here to house your life force energy called your Soul. You are the commander of your cells, ie your body, and YOU are the superintendent of your building ie your body, so how you handle your maintenance is all part of the healing journey. Having a "can do" attitude directs your cellular structure to do just that, assist in healing itself.

My personal multiple sclerosis research has shown that the fatigue suffered by most MS clients can be greatly diminished by mental resolve to get up and get going and to command your cells to do so. Further investigations have illustrated that prayers, affirmations, and talking to and commanding your cells have great beneficial results. Once we have established a solid mental directive to be as physically healed as possible, we now address physical concerns and complications with energy healing.

Energy healing and multiple sclerosis shows great promise. By using directed electromagnetic bio molecular energy healing, we can reframe bio structures to their initial blueprint of health. Neural pathways can be restructured so that those with paralysis can move their legs or arms. Numb extremities can be revived and regenerated to sensation. In several clients' with these complications, after the cellular and neural connections were restored and regenerated, physical therapy was used to restore their muscles that had atrophied due to lack of use over months or years. Other sensations such as tingling could be reversed by regenerating the nerve's myelin sheath, and personal energy levels can be restored. To date, various multiple sclerosis complications can be reversed, and or put into remission or lessened with energy healing.

In the future, energy healing and using mind over your matter biofeedback with your cells, will be another form of multiple sclerosis treatment that will facilitate and create healthy bodies for those experiencing MS.

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Disclaimer: Brent Atwater is not a medical doctor or associated with any branch of medicine. Brent works in Alternative & Integrative Medicine (CAM). She offers her opinions based on her intuition, and her personal energy healing work, which is not a substitute for medical procedures or treatments. Always consult a physician or trained health care professional concerning any medical problem or condition before undertaking any diet, health related or lifestyle change programs. There are no guarantees with the Energy work.

Author's Bio: 

B Brent Atwater, American: 1947- artist, painter, visionary, healer, author and philanthropist.

Brent Atwater is a peer reviewed and respected, documented and published international medical intuitive and distant energy healer who collaborates and works with the worlds leading doctors, researchers and medical facilities. Her work establishes evidence based research that creates and documents the bridging of traditional and alternative healthcare into integrative medicine.

Having successfully licensed her artwork for 30+ years, B. Atwater is one of the contemporary American artists/ painters that is bringing forth a new cultural renaissance by blending her classical artistic training with spirituality and energy merged and infused into paintings.
Brent's award winning art compels and seduces your emotions into a palpable experience with her subject matter; sometimes beautiful or fragile, at times haunting or humorous with attitude, most times healing, inspiring or profound, and always thought provoking!
Her paintings mirror the spirit and soul of her subjects, creating intimacy, personal awareness, and shared experiences within each viewer.
The enticing energy, evocative coloration, and diversified styles of her paintings make Brent's art highly sought after by patrons and collectors around the globe.

Atwater is an art medicine pioneer in the USA by scientifically documenting the healing energy, diagnostic abilities and healing benefits of her healing art- Paintings That Heal™, and Healing Art for Children™.

As a philanthropist, Brent founded the Just Plain Love™ Charitable Trust to benefit Children and other worthwhile causes. She authors and illustrates her Just Plain Love™ Children's Books, that turn negatives of illness into positives!