MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. This is a powerful application and consists of tools to help business perform data analysis and run data mining queries. Today in the 21st century, there is a lot of data available in the form of excel sheets, in website databases and several other ways. These raw data forms need to be channelized in a proper way so that businesses can take advantage of it.

Properly analyzed data gives the sales, managerial and other departments of the organization to channelize their resources and bring maximum output. Without proper insights and planning a business cannot move forward in today’s world. MSBI job support is a booming career opportunity for several IT professionals.

Let us explore more about MSBI and its advantages over other tools.

1. Better UI and data exploration: MSBI has awesome capabilities of data visualization. Pie charts are available for display of the analyzed data. Even the reports are available in 3d charts which are an extended feature of this software.

2. It is a managed tool: This is a simple self-managed tool which is very much similar to MS Excel. Even Microsoft Excel is a part of the complete suite. Now even nontechnical people can also do data entry and generate reports with this tool.

3. Has incorporated native MS-Excel features: MSBI has incorporated features of MS-Excel which is widely used software by several companies. This makes it easy to use. Using Excel has made it very easy to capture data even from nontechnical people which are then processed into reports in the form of graphs, chart etc.

4. Informative Dashboards and Scorecards: Informative scorecards and dashboards is another distinguishing feature of this software. With these interactive dashboards which are full of relevant content of your organization, you can get proper insights about the working of your company right from your phone in a single screen. The dashboards give a complete evaluation of the organization.

5. Web Services Integration: This software suite of Microsoft influences the active technology funds in .Net and SQL server. By doing this it builds a well-integrated analytics practices. This assures that the customers get accurate and perfect output. It is a complete end to end solution for businesses looking for value for money. With the web services, you can easily integrate MSBI with other software.

6. Data warehousing solutions: MSBI has SSIS which performs the data warehousing. It extracts required information and provides data analytics function. The ETL process followed by SSIS includes three sub-processes like – extracting, transforming and loading of data. SSIS first extracts the data from the source destination, and then it transforms or processes it in the required output format. Finally, the data is loaded into the destination database for generating reports.

These are just a few of the various benefits that MSBI provides. If you are a fresher IT professional then you can get certification in MSBI job support and you will have several opportunities for yourself. With the proper qualifications, you can land up a job in such a reputed organization.

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