As a sport that’s able to keep you healthy, in shape and sharp, a lot of people are getting more interested to muay thai. So when starting on learning the sports you may have to learn as well the different clothing and equipment used in it. But before jumping to the clothing and training, let’s first learn about what it is all about and how it can change you mentally and physically. An integral part to any martial artists' fitness regime should be a run. But there is more to it than you think, and those who already practise regularly will tell you that there are a lot of things you need to consider.
Muay thai is a martial art developed in Thailand and has become their national sport in which blows may be struck with the fists, elbows, knees, and shins. In an earlier time this type of fight was mostly learned to be employed in fight and for self-preservation. And that’s all in past, nowadays; it has developed to turn into a variety of sports activity. Those who are fascinated in this sport will be able to as well choose to build up one's body and for self-protection reasons.
There are moves passed down by generation to generation that made it so exciting, moves that were used by Thailand ancestors and still used until now and believed to be the most dangerous moves in the world of martial art that are utilized by the use of hands, legs and knees.
Earlier times it was a much precarious sport to engage yourself with. A few rules and head are used for a strike to an enemy. These days, protections of the participant are what the rules focus. As a result, using they don’t allow the use of the head anymore. As well, for security purposes, hitting the groin is prohibited.
Ritual dance is presented previous to the official fight as a form of prayer for protection and victory, but that’s only in the past. A lot of western foreign person, sought to learn the art and several even journeyed all the way to Thailand to learned and more often watch the matches in its mainly original flavor.
So when choosing muay Thai you must begin with the clothing and gear. Luckily, this is a straightforward exercise that never necessitates a complicated item. The mainly fundamental items you have to obtain are a pair of boxing gloves, a pair of Muay Thai style shorts, and mouthpiece for teeth shield and groin shield for groin shield.
Remember that there are various kinds of gloves. For instance, you will find sparring, fight and bag gloves. If hesitant, begin with a pair of sparring gloves as those will be able to be employed for a numerous usage.
A better mouth guard is apt to provide extra safety. Punches and kicks to the face are frequent in this sport and a mouth guard will able to avoid teeth from being blown off.
While groin hitting is prohibited, sometimes player hit it unintentionally. So be sure you provide yourself a piece to guard your groin.

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Travis S. Lutter is an American mixed martial artist who won the The Ultimate Fighter 4 reality show. His UFC record, not including his exhibition wins on The Ultimate Fighter 4, is 2–4. He is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Carlos Machado.