We live in a world in which we constantly keep hearing about how successful people are, whether that’s on the news or on the internet, and most of the time these people are at the late end of their careers, somewhere in their late forties. Today we have something different for you, a touch of freshness on the business scene. This article is dedicated to Muhammad Aqib, a very young entrepreneur that currently runs a few companies, one of which he founded when he was just nineteen years old. Let’s not keep this introduction any longer and take a look at Muhammad’s successes.

Who is Muhammad Aqib?

Just like we mentioned earlier, Muhammad Aqib is a young entrepreneur, currently known for running a few successful companies. He is the founder of Ahead Host, the company which was established when he was just nineteen years old. He didn’t just start the company back then, he made it grow so much that it became a multinational company represented by Ahead Host LLC.
Muhammad Aqib has a lot of other highlights in his career as well. He runs a few other businesses that all have a very interesting goal and most definitely a bright future.

Aqib made a version of his company Ahead Host, called Ahead Link Building, and he currently focuses it on Digital Marketing. He also runs the Techno Summit, which is a youth event for Tech Empowerment, and what we find most interesting is the fact that Aqib also owns a Production House for the locals called Unknown Entertainment House.

As we can already see from the previously listed information, Aqib is a true businessman that doesn’t focus on just one field but expands in as many markets as he thinks he can handle. So, how do you become as successful at such an early age? Well, according to him, the journey wasn’t easy at all.

How it all started

Muhammad Aqib started working on the internet since he was just fourteen years old. Ever since then, he has had an idea of running his own business and taking things to the next level. According to Muhammad, his business was in debt a couple of times, and this happened between 2014 and 2017.

When he first started his business, it took place in Pakistan, where without the support of others it is impossible to make it. Having no investments at the time, Muhammad was facing really significant financial issues with the company, and when the financial situation worsened, people around him left. However, this is where Aqib’s true businessman personality really shows. Instead of abandoning the sinking ship, Muhammad borrowed even more money from friends and family, paid his debts and kept going.

Fast forward a couple of years and Muhammad is now making tons of profit and expanding on the foreign markets really quick. This is just an example of professionalism that teaches us to be patient and believe in our dreams because one day we can have what we want despite the hard path we chose to walk.

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