When it comes to channel partner communications, a PRM Portal becomes incredibly important. Lack of communication between sales executive and marketing executives is a common complaint from many managers. Despite this many fail to recognize that their bad channel management could be the reason for it.

Channel Distribution Management

When it comes to effective channel distribution management, you need to make sure you bridge the divide between sales and marketing. This is the only thing that can get you optimized channel performance. In order to better serve consumers and reach customers, a well designed channel distribution strategy is indispensable because it will take account of marketing manager's efforts as well as salespeople's activities with channel partners.

With this kind of a strategy you get an articulate framework in a collaborative learning environment where marketing and sales efforts can be united. This is the main goal of channel distribution management. You also need to assess needs of service companies and consumer goods through retailers and wholesalers. The same can be done for sales representative firms, independent distributors, retailers and intermediaries.

Where retailers are trying to improve efficiency in the marketplace which is incredibly competitive and where the channel structure is incredibly fluid and intermediaries are trying to preserve their role, these assessments can be of help. A lot of people would take the help of channel audit workshops and software programs to address the channel issues facing their company. An appropriate amount of investment is required in this case.

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

When they talk about Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy, marketing executives are talking about the internet. There was a time when managing web related business requirements was a function of IT departments and that is who the companies would invest their trust in. Soon though, it became apparent that web isn't just a technology project but websites also need to be able to sell. This is when internet began being seen as a marketing function and that is where the funding comes from.

Promotion and product ordering are the common multi-channel avenues. Promotion in this case includes outbound telemarketing, direct response ads, web ads, direct mail, catalogs and email. Product ordering in this scenario can include retail visits as well as phone and web ordering. Web cannot be considered a separate selling channel though. They need the help of print promotion, coupons, catalogs, and promotion through radio and television. It is more of an ordering channel for customers.

Multi-channel marketing strategies should be effective enough to get new customers, increase retention rates, increase number of visits, increase average size and reduce administrative handling costs. Setting aside control groups of similar customers should be done. This way measurement of Multi-channel marketing strategy and promotions is possible. There are many benefits of using the web as a multi channel and more and more businesses are realizing that and they are trying to attract customers to the web for purchases.

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