There are few stocks who have a decent potential to produce a decent return in the coming year with strong basic foundation and great specialized breakout.

Types of Stock Picks (based on trading period) -

KLSE INTRADAY STOCK - These picks are available if you are trading KLSE counters on a daily basis. Best for traders looking for profits on daily basis.

KLSE SHORT-TERM STOCK - Trade KLSE short-term stock picks if you are you looking to overcome risk of losing big. These picks are specially designed for your short- term trading goals.

KLSE MID-TERM STOCK - If you are trading KLSE counters on holding period basis then these picks are valuable for you. Investors looking for good profits on mid-term & holding basis are benefitted.

5 Small And Mid Caps With Big Returns For 2018:

1. INARI AMERTRON BHD: Inari Amertron Bhd is one of only a handful couple of companies in Malaysian value advertise who had performed ceaselessly well shape in most recent five years. The company has shown a consistent growth in margins and revenues in most recent multi year with a development in EPS and dividend per share. The request book of Inari Amertron Bhd is all supported in 2018 likewise which will guarantee a smooth working of the organization with no issue identified with order book. On the specialized ground, the counter is in a solid bullish pattern and it is relied upon to proceed with this pattern in coming year additionally bolstered by the solid edges which we can see on the quarter on quarter premise plainly which is required to fuel the bulls consistently.

2. Unisem Group: Unisem Group (Unisem) offers full turnkey solution from package development to assembly and testing, packing and a full range of wafer bumping services. While Unisem is not your average kind of sexy stock, CIMB recommends it for its positive outlook in 2018. With a resilient industry demand outlook and strategic shift towards advanced packaging, Unisem is expected to reel in a bumper year in 2018

3. Berjaya Food: Starbucks will keep on being the Berjaya Food's key development driver, as indicated by CIMB. Berjaya Food's sure profit direction should proceed on the back of its sound store development program, with approximately 25 to 30 stores every year. Berjaya Food has additionally been attempting to arrange its misfortune making sustenance brands like Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) in Indonesia and Jollibean establishment in Singapore.

4.GEORGE KENT (MALAYSIA) BERHAD: Another organization which we ought to incorporate into the stocks to look for 2018 is GKENT. Which a consistent and enduring increment in working edges George Kent Bhd is an absolute necessity have for each long haul speculation portfolio. Frame most recent multi year the organization is posting a consistent increment in net revenues in spite of confronting challenges on keeping up a steady increment in income front. On the most recent quarterly report, we can see the organization can uncover an EPS of 5.10 which is OK for the administration business. On the specialized ground, GKENT is in an overbought zone. In any case, it is in an uptrend and it is relied upon to take a short remedy in close term and test the uptrend line by and by and afterward proceed with its bullish development as long as possible.

5. AIRASIA BERHAD AIRASIA: one of the greatest players in Malaysian aircraft industry with about RM11 billion market capitalization and an enormous market reach. The organization had posted a decent development in income in the year 2017, notwithstanding, the edges are still under strain when contrasted with the income increment because of the expanded working costs. Be that as it may, on the off chance that we see the pattern on increment in income in most recent five years it is on a bullish side and we are hoping to overall revenues to get on track in coming year bolstered by a steady increment in income and better cost administration. As of now, the supply of Airasia is exchanging at an exceptionally appealing value purpose of RM3.33 for a long haul speculation objective. On the specialized ground, the closest breakout in AirAsia is over the level of 3.40 which is over the transient remedial wave and this breakout can result in a solid bullish development which can push the cost to the past high of 3.60 in close term.

6. Protasco CIMB trusts that Protasco is an undervalued player in the residential street support space in spite of a prevailing 43 percent piece of the overall industry in 2016. Edge recuperation, new street contracts and high request book are potential profit impetuses for Protasco. With an alluring PE valuation and better than average profit yield of around 6 over percent, Protasco is among the underestimated little top stocks inside CIMB's inclusion.

Some stocks to add to your watch list for 2018


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