In the current business world, work opportunities are abundant, but, the fear of being able to secure the best one is the prime concern. Most of the prospective immigrants have to undergo a legal consideration. Hence, it is apparent that an individual needs to clear all the legal requirements while moving to Australia. Therefore, the role of Australia immigration consultants in Dubai needs to be understand the application and implication of this process.


First of all, you can arrange your departure from Dubai after the visa application gets approved in the immigration process. The time to approve visa for Australia is variable depending on the policies of the consultancy. The next thing which you must know about is compilation of resources and documents for verification in a handy way. In addition, there are few points of consideration which you should get acquainted with. Here is how Australia immigration consultants in Dubai play a vital role in helping you attract relevant career opportunities overseas:

  • Accreditation of work experience prior to recommendation: As a part of this, letter of accreditation is issued, wherein, relevant work experience according to work standards of Australia. The different accreditation bodies take this procedure ahead to ascertain skills and experience of an applicant.
  • English Language test has to be cleared: Being a non-native speaker of English language test to examine reading, speaking, writing and listening skills. This test is known as IELTS (International English Language Testing system. Basically, this testing system provides an evidence of English and the person needs to obtain at least minimum band score as specified. Each part of this exam need to be cleared by require score to cater to the requisites of visa.
  • Expression of interest needs to be lodged regarding immigration: The next step involves expressing an interest determining the need and purpose to visit Australia for work or better career prospects. The Australian Government will thereby invite you for visa application.
  • State Nomination has to be filled: In case, you want to get state-oriented visa approved, then, the particular state should be nominated. It should be noted that every state has varied requisites for state nominated visa. Therefore, the Australia immigration consultants in Dubai will accordingly guide you to proceed with this type of visa application.
  • Applying for visa: Undoubtedly, the process of visa application has to be focused on properly. It demands the submission of educational and professional documents with utmost accuracy. Hence, it is essential to seek proper guidance and advice of Australia immigration consultants in Dubaito execute the procedure. These experienced and certified immigration consultants in Dubai make visa application simplified and productive.
  • Police verification and medical tests: Prior to entering any foreign country, it is necessary for the Government to check health and character of the individual. Furthermore, this implies that the immigration advisors will assist you to undergo police verification and medical test.

 The certificate issued by the police of countries you have visited earlier, and doctor registered with Australian embassy have a significant contribution to this step after visa application.

In a nutshell, all the above steps are aligned together to make your visa application and immigration to process error-free. Apart from this, the cost of services offered by Australia immigration consultants in Dubaivaries depending on their provisions. You can always choose the immigration consultation services according to your budget. This will give you an estimate about the costs charges in various segments of visa application and immigration services.

Lastly, hiring the reputed consultancy with a proven track record of securing multiple work opportunities in Australia should not be overlooked.

Author's Bio: 

Anirudh Sharma is an Immigration adviser associated with MapleCan Visas is the most trusted and iccrc registered Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE.