The Victorian seaside town of Mumbles is one of the most expensive seaside towns in Britain. Property in this quaint Welsh resort comes in just behind the South East and the South West of England as one of the priciest seaside resorts in theUK. It houses has breathtaking sea views, pretty fishermen’s cottages, a beautiful Norman castle, amazing restaurants and well known A-list celebrities. It is no wonder that Mumbles is being called the Monaco of Wales.

Surrounding Mumbles are the communities of Langland Bay,Caswell and Newton. The average house price amongst these areas is £248,532.Halifax compiled a Seaside Town Review to gather these statistics, the Review tracks house price movements in over 100 seaside towns in England andWales. When released last year they found that the South coast of England was the most expensive place in regards to seaside resorts to live. This area is home to the expensive Sandbanks resort where average house prices were £544,951in 2009. Next is the South West of England, particularly Devon and Cornwall, which had the second most expensive seaside resort. Prices in Padstow average at £421,000. Padstow has been made famous by TV chef Rick Stein who often mentions his love for the coastal region in his TV shows, he also has a restaurant there. All of the information from the Review was gathered from Land Registry.

It seems that living on the coast is attractive to many people, it offers a better quality of life and the surroundings are superb. All of this equates to property prices becoming high because of the popularity of these resorts and although some properties are really expensive sometimes home buyers can purchase their dream home by the sea and get value for money.

A host of A-list celebrities and other well known names share the Mumbles ideal. Oscar winners Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas famously have a home here, when everthey are in town Mumbles gains worldwide publicity. Their home overlooks the Mumbles lighthouse and picturesque Bracelet Bay in an area known as Limeslade. Housed in a gated complex on Plunch Lane Catherine’s parents reside at the house.

Another well known Mumbles fan was Welsh poet Dylan Thomas,he spent many hours there at the local hotels for inspiration. Bonnie Tyler has a home on the Mumbles Road which leads into Mumbles. Gavin and Stacey actress Joanna Page can often be seen there visiting her parents and comedian Rhod Gilbert has bought an apartment there. The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams grew up in the Mumbles too.

Many estate agents in the area are not surprised that Mumbles has appeared amongst the most desirable coastal regions to live in the UK. They describe the unique atmosphere and the fact that it is fashionable and exclusive as the reason people aspire to live there. Prices remain buoyant because people who move away for works purposes often come back at retirement age. The agents call it “the Zeta-Jones effect” which has caused many younger people wanting to live there. Many young families want to settle here too because they want a better quality of life for their children. All of this raises demand for the houses inthe area and leads to property prices being pushed up. People from all over the UK are now attracted to Mumbles, many have businesses based in big cities such as London and the Midlands. However a lot decide to work from home choosing pretty seaside view rather than crowded cities.

Mumbles borders the Gower which is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. Singer KatherineJenkins voted it as her most favourite place in a recent TV show. It is not alone in its popularity though. Property prices in Colwyn Bay,Conwy rose 10% between 2008 and 2009. Pwllheli house prices rose 161% over eight years from 2000 to 2008 with Cardigan just behind which saw a boom in house prices of 143% in the same period.

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