Muscle development takes time and in order to really see changes one must make some impactful lifestyle changes. If you are really serious about enhancing your physique new dietary and exercise patterns need to be installed into your life.

The proper way to Do Weight Training

Weight training is the most essential part of the workout program. A lean guy should set his concentration on the weight training program and should carry it throughout the week with a continuously increasing intensity for up to 45 minutes regularly.

What most skinny guys wrongly do that they lift weight of low amount with great number of repetitions. This is wrong as it will not benefit them much. A skinny guy should actually lift heavy weights irrespective of the number of repetitions.

The exercises that follow are some workout techniques that may provide helpful in your muscle development training.


Adding squats to your workout regime is great for the assertion of muscle in you thigh and lower region, it is also great for the strengthening of bones and ligaments. This exercise should be done properly for effectiveness and safety so if in doubt seek help from a professional.

The Bench Press Exercise:

Bench press is also another iconic exercise when thinking of weight enhancement. Doing this exercise strengthens your triceps, pectorals and deltoids.

Bent Over Rows:

This exercise is actually very appropriate for building muscles in the higher part of the backside. This exercise alone has many types of its own that may include, palms p, palms down, to the sternum, to the abdomen and many more like that. All of these types are very effective and will help you in building a brawny back. This will also need about on to three sets with eight to twelve repetitions.


The traditional pushup is also a great exercise to build muscle fast. If you’re a beginner, using your own bodyweight is the right way to do it. After a while, it will become a little too easy, but don’t give up this workout yet. Use pushup varieties for intermediate and advanced lifters; for example:
- Elevated pushups on dumbbells or chairs
- Wear a weighted vest
- Have your partner hold weight on your back
- and much more


This exercise can provide invaluable for the working out of the whole body, but it must be done correctly for its effectiveness to be seen.

The active involvement of so many muscles at the same time makes this exercises a must-do on your workout schedule. You may do four sets of 5 repetitions of this exercise. These were only few of the very effective workout exercises, obviously there are more like, lying triceps extension, calf raise and biceps curls that you may also add in your workout program.

Eat well, do quality work out and sleep well. This is the best workout routine to build muscles for a skinny guy like you.

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