Music heals. Listen to positive songs or soothing instrumental songs and the effects of music on the brain can be felt.

Music that heals is therapeutic, but the songs aren't always easy to identify. Not only is music therapeutic, but you can use it to imprint positive song lyrics (otherwise known as positive affirmations) in your mind for success, manifesting your dreams.

It's been shown in your own experience; music changes the way you feel, for better or worse.

Very often in my early life, I've used music to attempt to uplift myself. You probably have done the same. The tricky part about that attempt is when, and this happens often, the upbeat happy melody of the song is not matched by words that are themselves happy, upbeat, and positive.

Has it ever made you wonder, "How in the world did they get these lyrics from this beat?" The result of using positive songs that only have a great beat (a great beat not matched by positive song lyrics) is a bit depleting. You might have an excited shallow feeling. It's similar to what you'd experience when eating a sugary piece of junk food vs. one of the sweetest sun ripened mangos in existence.

They're both sweet, but only one feels good in the aftermath. When music heals the aftermath is positive. When music heals the soul, you see evidence of change in your life.

In the past, there's been many an occasion where I've felt empty after listening to music. Feeling depleted, I would suddenly feel a craving and rush to get food for nourishment to repair the loss of positive energy. Only in my later years, did I actively seek out solutions to this problem.

Here's some ways to start being nourished by truly positive songs, without compromise, when that's what you want to do...

Music Heals When You:

1. Go for the jazz, the ambient songs, chill out music and the instrumentals.

Soothing instrumentals often have upbeat tones. Beach wave songs and rainfall songs are great examples of this fact. Some of my favorite songs are instrumentals that have an upbeat melody and nature sounds together. For instance, a guitar solo combined with the melodic sounds of waves coming to shore can be extra relaxing and enjoyable.

2. Test out various songs by searching for them on Youtube and other sites where you're likely to find music uploads.

You don't have to invest in an artist or album or song to know if it can accomplish what you want. If you find enough positive anthems on an album through testing them out on Youtube, it might just be the album you want to buy. Let experimentation be your album review.

3. Check the lyrics out before even listening with a simple search in Google or your preferred search engine.

Always match a beat you like with lyrics that are 100% positive, no compromises. When you skim the lyrics first and choose not to listen if they are not good enough, then you avoid the temptation of getting a song that has a great beat with lyrics that don't measure up.

If you truly want to use music to make yourself feel better or imprint affirmations in your subconscious mind, you don't want the following:

You don't want a love song that sneaks in lyrics about begging or being unwanted. Nor would you want a motivational song that imprints messages which give your power over to others, focuses on the problems not the solutions, and ignores the dream altogether.

About conscious music:

If music heals, wouldn't conscious music heal us, too? Music heals the soul, mind, and body when a positive message can be obtained; this can be imprinted in the brain affecting the emotional centers in your body and your subconscious beliefs.

Many forms of "conscious music" are often mislabeled positive. And, truthfully, these are even mislabeled conscious and that is for the very reason above; they focus on complaints.

If you know you are a powerful being whose focus creates an outcome, swing your focus to the positive song lyrics; fully positive songs with the themes that you want to manifest in your life.

Music heals for sure. Music heals the soul, or spirit of a person, meaning it can help to change the affirmations that are imprinted on our inner core. It can change the messages we deliver to ourselves and in turn change who we are and what we are able to produce (what we can attract in life).

I hope these tips help and I wish you much success in choosing positive songs for your own personal music healing fun.

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Tina Janelle spreads the idea that music heals while reviewing positive songs as well as good r&b songs at, carefully choosing positive songs lyrics that can help others.