Musings of a Intuitive

My energy kinetic, I can reach out and touch you without ever laying a hand on you. Certain groups want to harness my power of kinetic energy for various reasons. Trained soldier, psi - op, remote viewing, alien intel. Training backfired, because I fired back. The moment I realized capacity for taking life, under situations of extreme duress that threatens my life. Is good reason to want to stand up for my little life? Putting an end to what’s harmed me, an eye for an eye. Certain sects want to harness my capability to maneuver my "death ray" So fuckin cliche! In a world of men, incapable of controlling me. Isolation gave preservation for self love, consciousness, and empathy. Sects couldn't control me; my parents continued abuse because x/y could not control me. Nothing like a failed stage kid. my parents resent me, and I receive x/y's scorn? What is wrong with them? I didn't receive hereditary psychosis traited in parents, somehow psychotic genetics cancelled. Lending a clear path into seeing into one's heart. Sects tried to destroy what makes me beautiful, but fail at each turn presented. Love is the anwser how john lennon right?

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