Mobile applications are ruling the consumer market. People tend to install many different applications in their Smartphones to enhance their work and personal lifestyle. These applications can be gaming apps which are used for recreation; mCommerce applications to buy household and regular stuff; utility apps to make business tasks quick and efficient, etc. The popularity of the mobile applications has attracted many business owners to be part of this alluring industry. This is the reason there is a pool of mobile applications available in the app stores of the similar nature offering almost same features. Of course, the look and feel or a few special characteristics of the apps are there which differs from each other, but those are very negligible at times. In such an environment, it is necessary to get a USP and stand out in the flooded app stores with the similar kind of applications.

Here are the top 5 characteristics you need to keep in mind at time of mobile application development to ensure success.

Keep it simple

It might sound easy, but the most difficult thing to do. You should keep your mobile application as simple as possible. Sometimes, with a willingness to offer almost everything or may be because of lack of planning, the mobile app developers make the applications unnecessarily complicated, which is a major contributor to provoke users to look for other similar app. Thus, at the time of defining the design and mobile application structure, make sure to take all actions to keep everything simple including content to navigation.

It has to be fast

Your users must not need to wait long for their mobile application need to get loaded. It happens often, the mobile app takes too much time to load a splash screen due to heavy graphic used to it. In fact, a few apps consume irritating time to switch from one screen to another. This should never be the case with your mobile application. You have to make sure that your mobile app performance is faster.

Security should be the first feature

No matter what mobile application you are developing and what is your targeted audience. What matters the most is security of the sensitive data of your mobile app users. All the private information including the contact details of your app users have to stay safe and must not get leaked any how to anyone. Often a time mobile app developers forget to put such security checks. You must make sure you are not one of them.

Allow offline mode

Many applications have to use the internet to give all available features. This is an unavoidable fact. However, you have to keep one thing in mind that give your users flexibility to use your mobile app with bad or no internet connection. At least a few or possible features should be given to users which they can use offline. Allow them to sync once they get connected with the net connection.

Test your app well

As a mobile app developer, you might find your mobile application flawless, but it cannot be. Even after taking so many precautions a few bugs can be left unresolved in the beta testing phase. Thus, it is important to give your mobile app to get thoroughly tested. Make sure to get it tested on each device of the platform you are targeting. You have to be sure that when you hit the app store with your application, it is bug free.

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