The customer experience is at the top priority for all businesses. That is the reason, the need and demand of setting up an in-house call center is increased a lot in the past decade. All small, medium and large scaled businesses are buying call center solution to setup an in-house call center so they not only deliver the best customer experience to their customers, but also they can capture leads more effectively and professionally. These advantages of the call center solution have attracted and encouraged many small business owners to invest in the call center solution. The major mistake made by the SMB owners is that they buy the most advanced call center software with a wide array of features. Often, many of these features stay unused and the SMBs can’t receive good ROI on their investment. The matter of fact, in an SMB company, is that investment has to be made wisely so ROI can be increased and business can grow faster. To achieve this, the small business owner must get the call center solution which comes with the features to support current operations, as well as the cost of the call center software, has to be affordable for the small business.

The trick to achieve this is to look for the call center software with below mentioned 3 must have characteristics and the range of features:

1. Supervisory tools

One of the biggest advantages of the call center software is its range of tools that offer real time supervision and coaching. These tools are really important as it helps in assuring the quality of service delivered to the customers as well as it can be used to coach the executives to deliver better. Below is the list of supervisory tools available in the call center solution:

• Barge-in
• Whisper
• Conference
• Live call monitoring
• Call recording and playback
• Reports

2. Call routing and call dialers

Without a doubt these two are the fundamental features of the call center solution. The call center solutions have many types of call center dialers and call routing rules. A small business usually has limited executives so they don’t need to invest in buying the call center software with all types of call routing rules and call dialers. They need to buy the most important call routing rules and dialers as listed below:

Call routing rules:

• Advanced call distribution
• Round robin

Call Dialer:

• Auto dialer
• Predictive dialer
• Manual dialer

3. Scalable nature

The SMB companies are growing companies and that’s why the need, demand, and flow of the SMB companies change more often. Thus, it is really important for the small business owners to buy the call center solution which is easy to scale up. It means one needs to buy the call center software with the only required number of seats and minimum possible features, but it should be easy to extend the number of features and seats in that bought call center software.

These are the top 3 must-have features in the call center solution for a small business. Make sure to get these to leverage good ROI.

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