Call centers can run different types of campaigns such as, inbound calling campaigns, outbound calling campaigns and blended calling campaigns. For each campaign, the call center needs a call center solution that can support all required actions to make that campaign successful. Generally, the call center software comes with a wide array of features, but all call center solutions don’t have all the features. Some features are there and some are missing. If you buy a call center solution which doesn’t have one or more feature that you need to support agents for your call center campaigns, then either you have to settle with less productivity or you need to pay extra for adding that extra feature(s) which would be considered as customization for you and charged additionally by your provider. Well, to save yourself from all the pain, the best approach you can follow is to buy the call center solution that has all the must have features to support your campaigns. Today, I will share about the top features one must have in his call center software if he runs outbound calling campaigns or majority of calling campaigns are outbound. Make sure to have these features in your call center solution.

Call center dialers

The major feature in the call center solutions is the call center dialers. There are different types of dialers available and I insist to get the call center software, which offers the majority of the dialers. The reason of getting multiple dialers is that you can take benefit of the different call dialing algorithm supported by the call center dialer to increase productivity of the agents. The productivity of agents can be increased by aligning the correct dialer in the campaign as per the skills of the agents, the nature of the campaign and other relevant factors. Below is the list of the most popular dialers available in the call center solution:

• Predictive dialer
• Progressive dialer
• Preview dialer
• Auto dialer
• Manual dialer

Try to get all of these in your call center solution, but if you can’t, you must get the call center software with following three types of dialers:

• Predictive dialer
• Auto dialer
• Manual dialer

Callback support

A majority of outbound calling campaigns runs to achieve some kind of goal conversion. Some of the common goals to be achieved are listed below:

• Generating a lead
• Making a sale
• Spreading awareness
• Collecting donation
• And more

In a nutshell, the most important task is convincing the lead to take an action which is definitely not an easy task. In more than 85% of cases, first call may not let agent achieve the goal and that is why, in the call centers with outbound calling campaigns need a callback feature in their call center solution. Make sure to look for callback support and if possible automated callback on a predefined date and time is available in the call center solution that you are buying.

These 2 are must have features to run an outbound call center successfully. Other than that of course, the basic call control related features and reports have to be there to support the calling campaigns in the call center solution for outbound call center.

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