OpenCart offers a number of useful extensions which one can utilise in their e-commerce website. Hire an Opencart developer and read this article in detail. 

One of the most responsible tasks when it comes to an online business is to set up a steady and attractive website. Choosing Opencart development is one of the best choices to kickstart an online store or e-commerce business.  

Released in the year 2005, Opencart is a reliable, impactful feature which has given a boost to every low standard website. It is highly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses along with large corporates and organisations. The Opencart developer can effortlessly build the website, without any hassle and without rich coding knowledge. It is cost-effective while proving to be a brilliant content management platform. This way, one can enjoy a successful and gainful online journey over time. 


Opencart comes with some of the most notable extensions that can be used as an input into websites that are built.  


  • Code Manager

With the module of code manager, the developers can go for easy and quick management of files including editing, creating and even deleting them. One can download, upload and upgrade these files as per wish, duplicate or even modify the location of the files by changing their permission. While the developer is working alongside the product pictures, with the Code manager, one can do simple uploading and previewing. This will also have a very intuitive search option in the folders and files. Through a code manager, one can also grant access to the third party, directly from the admin of Opencart while disabling access after one is done with the job. 


  • Currency Rates 

If one is selling their products on an international level, one should have this extension called Currency rates. With this, one can update their foreign currency or exchange rates automatically or at times even manually. This way, the customers will know how much they are paying actually.

Through this extension, currency rates can be updated once every day. This way, foreign exchange rates will be safeguarded and also kept up-to-date. One can see that it has full compatibility with the themes from open cart. With a single click, one can update their currency rates. It is powered by Yahoo Finance and functions as an excellent architectural extension. There is no overwriting of core files.  


  • Magic Slideshow 

This extension helps in building wonderful slideshows for projects and images on the Opencart framework. The Magic slideshow offers a huge possibility to show images in an organised manner, one after the other, which looks like a smooth slideshow. One can also input these slideshows into their homepage, category pages, product pages etc. hence, installing this extension brings new, advanced features for more audience engagement. It supports the HTML content, offers one to navigate via keyboard, allows an option for full screen. With its responsive layout, one can witness its extent of full compatibility which is really impressive.


  • News/Blog 

One can successfully create their own section for the blog.  This will increase sales by attracting more customers and users every day for the business. One can utilise this blog extension so as to insert the authors and assign them to every article. Opencart now provides a more intricately designed admin interface making it much user-centric. One can also install the database and upgrade the integrated features into the new panel. 

Here, one can input news according to subcategories and series. It provides URLs for SEO, metadata for the articles, areas where one can put in short custom descriptions, twitter and Facebook meta tags, etc. There is also an image gallery and youtube video input section.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is an expert Opencart developer working in a reputed and renowned company called PHPProgrammers. Here, the writer has explained in details about the different Opencart extensions which every e-commerce website can utilise for better sales.