If you don't come from a family of enthusiastic Hawaiian surfers, odds are you wouldn't show up to the funeral of an elderly relative in a pair of floral-print shorts and flip-flops.

The point is, there are various items of clothing best suited to various events. But, there's 1 miracle garment is effective across the entire spectrum of societal preferences. Wear it to a funeral, then wear it in the bar, wear it in a wrestling game, wear it to match the Queen. Intrigued? We're speaking, obviously, concerning the top.

1. Oxford Button-Down Shirt

Sharing its name with the Oxford fabric from that it's cut, this menswear classic was serving as the bedrock of many a fashionable outfit for well over 120 decades. The cloth is rather thick in contrast to many others in shirting, providing it a casual advantage. A button down collar and hanger fold into the rear of the yoke are typical design characteristics.

If ever there was a legitimate menswear essential, the Oxford button-down shirt can it be. This classic piece functions as a sartorial construction block which operates for a variety of dress codes, which makes it among the most versatile pieces in almost any wardrobe.

2. Dress Shirt

Whether you're a lover of being appropriate and booted or not, society dictates which you're likely going to get to shoehorn into a tuxedo at the very least a couple of occasions over the duration of your life span. Should you didn't already know, black tie requires a very specific type of shirt.

"I favor simplicity for the day," she says. "A marcella bib front evening shirt with stud front and miniature queen or queen studs and cufflinks, a cutaway collar -- wing is just for white tie -- along with a black silk barathea bow tie. "

3. Overshirt

The overshirt's beauty lies in its versatility. It makes for a perfectly suitable light jacket when the weather is warmer. The best instance is of the brand bombay shirts where therre shirts fit exceptionally well Or, you can layer things up on colder days and even wear a coat over the top in winter.

4. Office Shirt
It's a horrible term, but the advent of business casual dress codes has meant that that you can probably clock in to your workplace in a much broader range of clothing than your father ever dared to. We think that's a good thing, but there's still room for wardrobe workhorses like the classic work shirt, especially if your boss still expects you to wear a tie.

"There isn't anything like the eloquent, formal look of excellent quality two fold poplin cotton for the daily job shirt," says Willis. "Textures like twills, oxfords and herringbones are fantastic for an more informal shirt providing interest with no tie, but for this pristine, clean, no- nonsense business look a plain white or palest blue shiny with quality poplin shirt and tie can't be defeated. "

5. Denim Shirt

Don't be too quick to write the denim top away as a fashion faux pas. Worn right, this timeless workwear thing may give your outfit an extra dose of masculinity and give a casual advantage when worn with an unstructured blazer, or possibly a complete suit should you're feeling courageous.

The fashion police appear to get an endless arrest warrant for dual lace also, which is one thing which may place a great deal of men off sporting lace up top.Never be fearful of doubling up quality denim.It's if the denim is made of inferior quality which you may create a bad situation worse. Styling-wiseit's fine to put on a crispy fresh raw denim shirt having broken in and wrapped raw denim jeans, or vice versa. The key lies in the comparison.

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