Are you one of the masses in search of a job right now? No matter if you’re in the middle of a job search or making a career change, there is a likely chance that you will look to the internet to find job openings. If you are new to using the internet as a tool to help you find a new job, you will definitely want to keep on reading…

The internet offers a variety of options in terms of providing you with job search help.

Web options include:
• Job posting and career search websites
• Business journal websites
• Local newspapers – online editions
• The websites of local companies
• Websites of professional associations
• Recruiters’ websites

To make the most of your online job search and to make even more opportunities for yourself, give each of these sites a look. You will want to cast the widest net, so don’t limit yourself to just a couple of sites – mix it up a bit.

An online job search certainly makes things really simple. However, it’s really important that you know a bit about the company to which you plan on sending your resume. This is especially true if this the first time you’ve looked for a job via the world wide web since you might not know much about scams.

As with anything, there are those who want to make a quick buck, so online scams have gained popularity. While many of the employment scams are related to work-at-home opportunities, there are some that are not. Before you forward your resume for review or apply for a position online, you will want to do your due diligence. Do a check on the company requesting your application to be sure everything is in order.

You never want to provide your social security number or any other personal information to a company that you have not heard of before. And, instead of sending an employer (whether you know them or not) your social security number, you might want to consider leaving that question for later in the hiring process or sending just the last four digits. It is obviously up to you how you want to proceed.

Finally, use job alerts to your advantage. Many job search sites and search engines will send you alerts about jobs available in your area. Sign up for the alerts and you’ll get information based on your job preferences, and they’ll be delivered right to your e-mail account.

While online job searches are easy, you will want to get the most out of your job search. You can do that by tapping into your network, building solid relationships, and approaching employers personally even if they are not hiring at the time.

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