My beautiful is preparing for winter and there's not much I can do about it so I'm starting next year's planning early.

There are never enough annuals or spring bulbs, so those are definitely on the list, especially for the new garden I started early this summer and which, with loving care, I hope will mature into a carpet of bloom.

There are plenty of flowers in spring, despite the fact that winter seems to linger longer and longer into April and even May, and there is a decent show of bloom in the summer, but the end of the season always falls short for some reason, so more fall blooming anything will be desirable.

Lately the never ending winters and the rainy summers have made it hard for the vegetables to mature and set fruit, so I'm going to break with tradition this spring and buy seedlings and a couple of potted tomato plants for the patio instead.

While I'm shopping for spring bulbs I'll keep an eye out for unusual perennial seeds, since I'll have extra space in the seed starting trays.

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